Indian Man trying to Kidnap Sleeping Girl caught on CCTV

An Indian man from Ludhiana, Punjab, attempted to kidnap a sleeping girl. CCTV footage showed the suspect trying to take the young child.

Indian Man trying to Kidnap Sleeping Girl caught on CCTV f

The woman quickly rushed to the rickshaw and picked up her child.

An Indian man identified as Jaspal Singh, of Ludhiana, Punjab, was arrested for attempting to kidnap a sleeping girl.

The man was caught trying to abduct the four-year-old on CCTV. The incident reportedly happened on Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

The young girl was sleeping outside her house in Rishi Nagar next to her mother when Singh arrived while pushing a cycle rickshaw.

Singh continued pushing the rickshaw but stopped when he saw the child and her mother sleeping.

The chilling CCTV footage showed him slowly moving his rickshaw to the side of the road before he quietly approached the bed. He then picks up the child and places her onto his vehicle.

However, as he lifted up the child, her mother woke up and realised that Singh was about to kidnap her daughter.

The woman quickly rushed to the rickshaw and picked up her child. Singh then casually got back onto his rickshaw and cycled away.

Another woman, who had been sleeping nearby but was woken by the incident, then chased after the Indian man.

After checking to see if the child was alright, the mother filed a police complaint.

She explained to officers that she had been sleeping outside her home with her daughter when Singh attempted to abduct her.

Upon seeing that her daughter was not there and realising that Singh was trying to kidnap her, she quickly recovered her child before he could flee the area with her.

Police officers registered an FIR and reviewed the CCTV footage which showed Singh attempting to carry out the crime.

Officers used the CCTV footage to identify Singh and eventually arrested him.

Watch the Chilling CCTV of the Indian Man attempting the Abduction

Station House Officer Ramandeep Singh narrated the incident:

“The accused is nearly 40 years old. He first came to check that the family members were asleep. Later he returned with a cart to abduct the child.

“The mother woke up and stopped the girl from being taken.”

He added that the reason for the abduction attempt is not clear but an FIR was registered based on the CCTV footage.

According to SHO Singh, after arresting the suspect, officers discovered that he was in a drunken state, therefore they have not been able to find out why he decided to carry out the kidnapping attempt.

Police are working to find out why he decided to try and kidnap the young girl.

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