Indian Man tried to Kidnap Girl aged 7 to Marry Her

In a shocking incident, an Indian man from Madhya Pradesh attempted to kidnap a seven-year-old girl because he wanted to get married to her.

Indian Man tried to Kidnap Girl aged 7 to Marry Her f

The footage showed their daughter being taken by Santosh.

An Indian man has been arrested for trying to kidnap a seven-year-old girl so that he could marry her. The incident happened in South Gadra Khedi, Madhya Pradesh.

The girl was abducted by the man and attempted to go to his home in Sagar but he was arrested at the bus station.

Police have identified the man as Santosh. Superintendent Priyavrat Singh explained that he worked at a broom shop but resigned on October 27, 2019.

It was revealed that he visited the girl’s house where he would see her playing outside.

Santosh befriended the girl and played with her in order to gain her trust.

On November 8, 2019, Santosh lured the girl away from her house by asking her to get milk. As she walked away from her house, he followed her before picking her up and fleeing the area.

The girl’s parents realised that their daughter had not returned for two hours. They went outside to discover that she was missing.

The parents began a search before looking at the CCTV footage, which had been installed in the area. The footage showed their daughter being taken by Santosh.

Officers were informed and they later found out that he lived in a rented apartment. Police arrested Santosh at the bus station and rescued the young girl.

Officers were told that Santosh wanted to marry the girl and heard that he planned to rape her inside the bus.

They went to his apartment where they found a 17-year-old girl living there whom the Indian man claimed was his sister.

A further investigation discovered that the teenager was not his sister but someone he had kidnapped in 2013.

During interrogation, Santosh explained that he abducted the girl when she was 11 but told the neighbours that she was his sister.

He also confessed to sexually exploiting her.

However, a few days before attempting to kidnap the seven-year-old Santosh found out that the teenage girl was having a relationship with a student named Shubham Khande.

Upon finding out, he argued with the teenager before leaving her in the apartment in order to abduct the young child.

Not only has a case of kidnapping been filed. A second case of kidnapping and rape has also been filed against the Indian man in relation to the teenage girl.

Police are also investigating his true identity as there have been doubts about where he is actually from. Santosh also created a fake ID, claiming to be from Indore.

Officers are also looking at the time between quitting his job and leaving the teenage victim at the apartment.

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