Indian Man kills Sister-in-Law & Her Mother over ‘Toilet’

In a case of extreme action, An Indian man from Chhattisgarh violently murdered his sister-in-law and her mother over a toilet.

Indian Man kills Sister-in-Law & Her Mother over 'Toilet' f

He and Sunita had been feuding over the land.

An Indian man has been arrested for murdering his sister-in-law and her mother over a toilet.

The incident happened in the city of Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

In addition, police also arrested the man’s father for his involvement in the killing.

It was reported that the victims’ intention to build a toilet had led to the double murder.

A dispute had started in the family over a small piece of land.

The dispute became so heated that Bhagatram bludgeoned the two women with a shovel, killing them instantly. His father witnessed the incident.

Following the killing, the pair returned home.

Meanwhile, locals informed the police. Officers arrived at the scene and arrested the accused.

Ram explained that he lived with his three sons. One of his sons, who passed away, was married to a woman named Sunita.

He said that after his son’s death, he did not want to give Sunita a share in the property, however, she was entitled to it.

Bhagatram told police that he was angry about Sunita’s share in the property.

He and Sunita had been feuding over the land. Her mother Kamalabai had been staying with Sunita for a few days and knew about the property dispute.

For the past few days, Sunita insisted that they build a toilet at the back of the house. Bhagatram objected to the plan.

On March 6, 2021, Sunita continued with the planning of the toilet which angered Bhagatram.

The pair became embroiled in an argument which led to Bhagatram slapping Sunita. He stated that the land belonged to him.

Meanwhile, Ram watched the row unfold and allegedly encouraged his son to kill Sunita.

Bhagatram then picked up a shovel and struck his sister-in-law over the head with it. As Kamalabai came to her daughter’s aid, she was also hit with the shovel.

Both women fell to the ground and later died from serious head injuries.

Reportedly, when both men were brought to the police station, they showed no remorse.

Police stated that Ram had encouraged his son to carry out the killing. During the argument, Ram repeatedly told his son:

“Son, kill her.”

When questioned, Ram said that the family was constantly embroiled in a row over the share in property.

He went on to say that he and his son have no regrets about the killing.

The Indian man and his father were presented before the court. They have now been remanded in custody while the investigation continues.

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