Indian Man kills himself over Harassment by Daughter-in-law

An Indian man from Gujarat took his own life after he was allegedly subjected to constant harassment from his daughter-in-law.

Indian Man kills himself over Harassment by Daughter-in-law f

"I will defame you by registering a case against you and your father."

Police have launched an investigation after an Indian man took his own life. It was alleged that he committed suicide after being constantly harassed by his daughter-in-law.

The incident happened in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The man took his own life by jumping into the Narmada Canal. He had sent several messages to his family, telling them he was taking the extreme step due to the ordeal he and his family were being subjected to.

Police identified the deceased as Devendra Ojha. A complaint was registered by his son, Rohan.

He told officers that he was blackmailed into marrying a woman who ended up harassing his father. This culminated in Devendra taking his own life.

Rohan said that he had gotten engaged to a woman named Bhumika Prajapati. However, the engagement was called off after a dispute between the two families.

Bhumika then allegedly forced Rohan into marrying her.

According to Rohan, Bhumika constantly threatened to implicate his family in false cases.

Bhumika would tell him: “We have been together for 8-months, so now if you do not marry me, I will defame you by registering a case against you and your father.”

The woman would also allegedly threaten to kill Devendra.

Rohan feared for his father’s life so he met with her. Bhumika came prepared with legal marriage documents which she forced him to sign.

When Devendra heard about the marriage, he evicted his son from his property.

During the lockdown, Rohan lost his job and also contracted Coronavirus. He ended up calling his father for help.

When the Indian man found out about his son’s condition, he set any animosity aside and took his son to the hospital for treatment.

However, when Bhumika found out, she allegedly verbally abused Devendra and took Rohan away from the hospital.

Her continuous harassment of her father-in-law prompted him to send a WhatsApp message to his family. It read:

“I am fed up with Bhumika and her family who are harassing us by making false accusations again and again.”

“I have no other way left to get me and my family out of this situation, thus I am going to end my life.”

Upon receiving the message, the family immediately started looking for him but were unsuccessful. His body was later found in the Narmada Canal.

Rohan then lodged a complaint against his wife. He also accused her sister Shraddha and her brother Brijesh of being involved.

A case has been registered, however, the suspects are yet to be arrested.

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