Indian Crossdresser kills Woman helped by Daughter-in-Law

An Indian crossdresser from Jaipur allegedly murdered a 62-year-old woman with the help of her own daughter-in-law. The case is underway.

Indian Crossdresser kills Woman helped by Daughter-in-Law f

"Sunita smothered the old woman with a pillow."

An Indian crossdresser identified as Surjit Kumar allegedly murdered a woman with the help of her daughter-in-law to steal jewellery.

Kumar pretended to be a transgender called Sunita when he and Priyanka Negi killed Beena Sharma, aged 62.

According to officers, the suspect entered through the main entrance to rob the elderly woman of her jewellery and Rs. 5 Lakh (£5,500) cash.

Officers were first able to track down and arrest Negi, a resident of Uttrakhand. They later arrested the Indian crossdresser.

They found out that the woman got married for the second time in Jaipur.

It was heard that Negi had run away with the jewellery in 2018 along with Surjit who was a tenant and claimed to be a transgender.

However, Priyanka’s husband persuaded her to return and Surjit, who crossdressed and was known as Sunita, was made the vacate the accommodation.

Since then, Beena had kept the jewellery with her daughter but brought it back home to attend a wedding.

Priyanka conspired with Sunita to rob and murder Beena. They knew she kept the front door open and carried out the murder on April 28, 2019.

Once both of them entered, they used a pillow to suffocate Beena to death. They later stole the jewellery and fled.

Officer Sumit Gupta said: “The two accused made copies of the keys of the cupboard in which the valuables were kept in the victim’s room a few days back.

“The transgender Sunita used to be a tenant in the same house and had befriended Priyanka during that time.

“On Sunday night, after the victim went to bed, they entered her room and while Priyanka held Sharma’s hands, Sunita smothered the old woman with a pillow.”

Officers suspected that an insider was responsible for the robbery and murder.

They also noticed a piece of jewellery that had been worn by Negi was found near the victim’s body. This led to her being arrested.

She admitted to murdering her mother-in-law and claimed that she was treated badly by her.


Priyanka said Beena regularly beat her and made her undergo numerous abortions.

After Sunita was arrested, they discovered Sunita was actually a man and actually called Surjit.

Police found out that the two suspects had been in an illicit relationship with each other.

Gupta added: “It was found that Priyanka had eloped with Surjit earlier.

“However, nobody even her husband did not suspect that both were in an illicit relationship. Both have confessed to be in love.”

During interrogation, police officers discovered that Surjit was a crossdresser who pretended to be a transgender person on a daily basis.

A case under the IPC has been registered against Priyanka Negi and Surjit Kumar.

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