Baba Ram Rahim is a Sex Addict & Raped Innocent Girls

The controversy surrounding Baba Ram Rahim Singh grows as sources claim he raped innocent girls. It comes after doctors revealed he is also a sex addict.

Baba Ram Rahim is a Sex Addict & Raped Innocent Girls

"The victim was asked to sit on a chair and a group of women would come and thrash her."

Ever since spiritual leader Baba Ram Rahim was jailed for raping two female followers, more controversial information on the figure has been unearthed.

In latest allegations, sources have shockingly claimed that the Indian guru would regularly rape innocent girls at his headquarters. This follows doctors revealing that Singh is also a sex addict.

Sources spoke to IndiaToday, explaining that Baba Ram Rahim gathered a group of henchwomen.

Their main task involved supposedly luring in girls for his sexual needs. Many of these women would have allegedly suffered the same abuse from the leader, but would still comply to the task.

Some of the henchwomen had also engaged in consensual sex with him; they would be senior female followers. However, Singh commanded them to bring a new girl to him every night. Sources add that this would even involve children.

They would reportedly complete this task by selecting the prettiest girls from Baba Ram Rahim’s followers. Next, the henchwomen would take the innocent girls to a hallway, near the leader’s den (dufa). These victims would receive pampering and special treatment, and told that they would become ‘cleansed’ by the Indian guru.

However, once they entered into Singh’s den, he would instead rape them. Meanwhile, the henchwomen would guard the den, stopping followers from approaching it. They also had the task of cooking and cleaning for Baba Ram Rahim.

While the women would perform these duties, sources claim they could not discuss what would happen in the dufa. Keeping the rape of innocent girls a secret; which has now only become uncovered since the spiritual leader’s conviction.

In addition, a doctor has revealed that Baba Ram Rahim is also a sex addict. Since he became sentenced, the leader has complained of unease and restlessness. Doctors decided to give him a medical examination, concluding that he has a sex addiction.

During his trail, Singh had claimed he was impotent. However, one doctor involved in the check said:

“The baba is, in fact, a sex addict. He has no access to physical pleasures in the jail which is the cause for his restlessness. He can be treated. However, if the treatment is delayed, it can lead to a bigger problem.”

The claims also revealed the creation of a torture room within the headquarters. In there, the henchwomen would punish female followers they deemed as ‘guilty’. For example, if they spoke ill of Baba Ram Rahim. One witness claimed:

“There was a big room which was called the ‘Man Sudhar Kamra’ (mind improvement room) near room number 50, which was used to torture the rape victims and the girls who refused to enter the Gufa.

“The victim was asked to sit on a chair and a group of women would come and thrash her.”

With these allegations, it furthers unmasks the shocking reality of the Indian guru. Many will wonder whether the henchwomen mentioned in the claims will face justice. However, no action has took place so far.

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Images courtesy of India Today.