Indian Man allows 7 Friends to Rape Wife for Drug Money

An Indian man allowed 7 friends to rape his wife, in exchange for drug money. He would often take money from youths in their village to feed his habit.

Indian Man allows 7 Friends to Rape Wife for Drug Money

The Indian man would even take nude pictures of his wife, without her consent.

Police have charged an Indian man after he allowed 7 friends to rape his 22-year-old wife. He also reportedly took naked images of her.

The husband and wife lived in a Punjabi village called Dhaka, where the incident took place.

In June 2017, the Indian man supposedly exchanged his wife for drug money to feed his addiction.

However, she eventually filed a complaint with police, reporting the abuse he subjected her to. She claimed that her husband had turned into a drug addict, and would take money from youths in the same village.

In exchange for this, the Indian man would offer his wife to them.

Growing tired of the abuse, the Indian man’s wife reported him after letting 7 friends rape her. She explained that they had married in 2011 and had one child. Yet her husband’s drug addiction meant he ran house expenses by allowing others to rape her.

After receiving the 22-year-old’s written complaint, the police launched an enquiry into the claims. They have now booked the drug addict under Section 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code.

Dhaka police have added that the Indian man would even take nude pictures of his wife, without her consent. He would do this to blackmail her.

They have also launched a manhunt for the 7 friends who took part in the rape. The accused have all been charged with rape and criminal conspiracy under Section 376 and Section 120B respectively.

So far, police have carried out raids throughout the Punjabi village in a bid to catch them.

A family member claimed the youths had also supposedly helped the Indian man when his brother suffered injuries in a car accident. They allegedly wanted him to pay back, owing money to them.

The victim’s grandfather has also spoken on the case. He added that his son (the victim’s father) had died roughly 17 years ago, while the son’s wife had left her daughter behind to remarry. This meant the victim went into the care of her grandfather and he eventually had her marry the drug addict.

However, he only found out about the man’s addiction at a later time. He also added that the 7 friends had too developed drug addictions.

Meanwhile, police will continue their investigation to catch those accused.

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