Indian Man allows Wife to Marry Minor Lover

An Indian man from Bihar found out his wife was having an affair with a minor. He eventually allowed her to marry her lover.

Indian Man allows Wife to Marry Minor Lover f

"Go, both be happy. Live life happily."

An Indian man allowed his wife to marry a minor, with whom she had been having an affair.

The matter happened in the town of Jamui, Bihar.

Vikas Das had been married to Shivani since 2019. As well as being married to each other, the couple also worked together at a company.

Whilst working there, a minor, believed to be 17 years old, started working at the company.

During that time, Shivani grew close to the teenager. They ended up having an affair, secretly meeting each other outside of work.

Meanwhile, her marriage to Vikas began to deteriorate.

Shivani became more distant from her husband. Vikas noticed the change in his wife’s behaviour.

One day, he received a picture of his wife with a minor.

This made the Indian man suspicious and he conducted his own investigation.

He ended up catching his wife red-handed with her lover. When he questioned her, his wife admitted that she had been in an illicit relationship.

Vikas was initially against the affair, prompting Shivani to threaten to consume poison.

The Indian man eventually decided for his wife to be with her lover. He then called the lover.

He told the pair that they were free to marry one another.

Vikas organised a wedding ceremony for them and the pair tied the knot in front of him on December 25, 2021. He even filmed the wedding as a means of preventing any backlash he or his now ex-wife potentially faced.

Vikas’ reaction left Shivani happy as she was eager to marry her lover.

In the video, she said she has married out of her own free will.

Both Shivani and her lover are living together.

At the wedding, Vikas became emotional and just before leaving, he told the couple:

“Go, both be happy. Live life happily.”

Vikas’ marriage to Shivani had been his second. He decided to remarry after his first wife passed away due to illness.

In a similar incident, a man ended his seven-year marriage by arranging for his wife to get married to her lover.

Sapna Kumari was married to Uttam Mandal and their relationship was good until a relative of Uttam’s met Sapna.

According to family members, Sapna and the young man, named Raju Kumar, took a liking for one another and the pair ended up getting into an illicit relationship.

The affair went on for a while before Uttam found out.

When he found out, he was immediately against it.

Nevertheless, he continued to be with his wife. She also continued her affair.

and they went on to have two children.

Due to the love triangle, Uttam regularly got into arguments with his wife.

Realising that his efforts to save his marriage were in vain, he finally accepted Sapna’s relationship with Raju.

He arranged to have the two lovers marry each other.

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