Pakistani Wife arrested for Killing her Husband to Marry Lover

A Pakistani wife has been arrested in Islamabad for the murder of her husband which she premeditated because she wanted to marry her lover.

Pakistani Wife arrested for killing her Husband to Marry Lover f

The findings pointed to Anthony's wife and her accomplice

A Pakistani woman who is a mother of three children has been arrested for the murder of her husband which she committed on December 20, 2018, with the help of an accomplice, named Afraz.

The pair got arrested by police after an investigation was launched into the murder of Danish Anthony, the woman’s husband, who was shot at the time.

The wife of the murdered husband reported that her husband had been killed by unknown people and gave a statement to police, in an attempt to dissuade any suspicion.

The killing took place in the jurisdiction Koral police station in Islamabad and following her statement, police registered the case and launched an in-depth investigation led by SP (Rural) Umar Khan, head of the specialist homicide unit.

The team used modern policing techniques to solve the case and successfully tracked down the alleged culprits. The findings pointed to Anthony’s wife and her accomplice.

The wife and her accomplice were subsequently arrested and questioned. Both of them confessed to their involvement in the killing and admitted to the murder of her husband.

It was ascertained by Koral police that the woman wanted to marry her lover by killing her husband.

She had premeditated the murder and planned it with her friend, Afraz because she was in love with someone else.

The mother of three is now in custody for a murder case has been registered against her and awaits court hearings for sentencing.

The police team involved in the case were commended by their peers Zulfiqar and SSP Operations Waqar Syed for their work to solve the case and were awarded cash prizes and commendation certificates.

In a similar case, in 2016, the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of Islamabad Police arrested a woman, named Bushra, for killing her husband along who also had a male companion, named Mudassar Abbass.

Her husband, Muhammad Aslam, an employee in EME college was killed by his wife and Abbass by hitting him with concrete blocks on his face and head.

Police tracked down the murder back to the wife and subsequently arrested her but Abbas at the time managed to get away.

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