Indian Wife and Lover arrested for Poisoning her Husband

An Indian wife from Rajasthan and her lover were arrested for murdering her husband by poisoning him. A third suspect was also arrested.

Indian Wife and Lover arrested for Poisoning her Husband f

The victim had believed that his wife had been having an affair.

An Indian wife and her lover were among three arrested for the murder of her husband. The incident happened in Maulasar, Rajasthan.

The suspects were arrested on Thursday, October 10, 2019, two days after the case was registered.

Police Superintendent Dr Vikas Pathak explained that the suspects have been identified as Saroj, her lover Radhakishan and his friend Chhoturam Naik. All three reside in Maulasar.

The investigation came to light on October 8, 2019, when officers were called to a report of a man being found dead near the area of Dhani.

A police team consisting of Additional Superintendent Nitesh Arya, officers Ganesharam Chaudhary and Thanadikari Pachuram arrived at the scene.

The victim was identified as Rajuram. As well as inspecting the body, officers also searched for clues in the surrounding areas.

A case of murder was registered and an investigation was underway.

Members of Rajuram’s family, neighbours and his wife Saroj were questioned by police.

Officers came to find out from the neighbours that Rajuram and Saroj’s marriage was not a happy one as they regularly argued.

The victim had believed that his wife had been having an affair.

Upon receiving the information, the police suspected Saroj to have had a role in her husband’s murder.

Officers took Saroj in for further questioning where she eventually admitted to killing her husband. The Indian wife said she was helped by her lover and his friend.

She explained that she enlisted the help of Naik on October 7, 2019, so that they can dump the body in a ditch.

During interrogation, it was discovered that she had given her husband a lethal dose of sleeping pills before he died.

According to SP Pathak, Rajuram suspected his wife’s extramarital affair but did not know if it was true which was the reason for the majority of their rows.

Saroj continued to see her lover but felt her husband was becoming a hindrance. This prompted her to come up with a plan to kill him.

On the night of October 7, 2019, when Rajuram returned home from work, his wife gave him a glass of milk that was laced with sleeping pills.

The sleeping pills caused Rajuram to fall unconscious. Saroj called her lover and his friend to her house and they strangled him until he stopped breathing.

The two men then took the body to an isolated area and left it in a ditch. A passerby had discovered the body the next morning and alerted the police.

The three suspects have been arrested and a case of murder was registered against them.

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