Bangladeshi Woman admits Killing her Husband with Lover

A Bangladeshi woman has confessed to murdering her husband. Amina Aktar Liza and her lover came up with a plan to kill her husband.

Bangladeshi Woman admits killing her Husband with Lover f

"She put pressure on Riaj to transfer his property to her, but he denied."

Bangladeshi woman Amina Aktar Liza, aged 30, from Barisal, admitted murdering her husband on Saturday, April 20, 2019.

She conspired with her lover to kill 40-year-old Rejaul Karim Riaj.

It was heard that the woman was Riaj’s second wife. He divorced his first wife as she was unable to have children. Riaj married Amina in 2015.

Liza put sedatives in her husband’s food which left him unconscious, he was then hacked to death by his assistant and Liza’s lover Masum.

The victim’s body was recovered by police on Friday, April 19, 2019. They found several wounds on his body which had been made by a sharp weapon.

Riaj’s brother Monirul Islam Ripon filed a police case with Kotwali Police Station a day after the body was found.

Police officers took Liza, her brother and another one of Riaj’s brothers for questioning. The two men were subsequently released after Liza confessed.

She stated that she previously divorced two men after taking ownership of their property.

According to BMP deputy commissioner Moazzem Hossain Bhuiyan, Liza married Riaj in an attempt to gain more wealth.

She had pressured her husband to transfer his properties over to her but he refused. This led to Liza and Masum coming up with a plan to kill him.

They also enlisted the help of Masum’s friend, identified as Hailla, to carry out the murder.

Bhuiyan said: “She put pressure on Riaj to transfer his property to her, but he denied. She conspired with her lover and his associate Hailla.

“Masum and Hailla hid inside their home on Thursday while Liza gave Riaj food laced with sedatives. She slept in a different room, and the men entered Riaj’s bedroom when he was in deep sleep.”

Masum and Hailla then brutally murdered Riaj while he was unconscious.

“They hacked Riaj to death with Liza’s help and fled the scene after digging a hole in the floor.

“They had planned to make the incident look like a burglary attempt.”

The three suspects staged the murder so it appeared like it was the result of a burglary gone wrong. Liza also claimed to her neighbours that burglars killed her husband.

After her confessional statement was recorded at the court, Sub-Inspector Bashir Ahmed said that Liza was sent to prison under Section 164.

Masum and Hailla are still on the run and police officers are currently searching for their whereabouts with the intention of arresting them for their roles in the murder.

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