Pakistani Woman arrested for Killing Husband for Lover

Pakistani woman Kulsoom Bibi has been arrested for murdering her husband so that she could be with her lover. Her lover and another man were also arrested.

Pakistani Woman arrested for Killing Husband for Lover f

"In a bid to get rid of Ghulam Rasool, the couple decided to murder him."

Pakistani woman Kulsoom Bibi was arrested on Sunday, February 10, 2019, for the murder of her husband in Ganda Singh Wala village, Kasur, Pakistan.

Police also arrested two men who helped the woman with the murder.

It was later revealed that one of the men was Bibi’s lover and that they committed the murder so that they could be together.

Bibi, Asad and Sadiq killed Ghulam Rasool a number of months ago before they were arrested in February 2019.

City DSP Rai Muhammad Ehsan Ilahi and Ganda Singh Wala SHO Muhammad Yasir were tasked with arresting those involved in the murder.

Police officers carried out investigations and were able to trace the suspects. Officers raided a hideout and arrested Asad, Sadiq and Bibi.

During questioning, the three suspects confessed to murdering Mr Rasool.

A police official explained that the victim’s wife Kulsoom Bibi had developed a relationship with Asad and the two had wanted to get married.

The couple decided to murder Mr Rasool so that they could get married.

The police officer said: “In a bid to get rid of Ghulam Rasool, the couple decided to murder him.”

On the day of the crime, Kulsoom called Asad and Sadiq to her home. While Mr Rasool was sleeping, Bibi strangled him to death.

After, the three suspects dumped the victim’s body in a nearby field and fled the scene.

Police launched an investigation and they managed to identify the perpetrators before arresting them.

DPO Muhammad Shahzad Asif commended the police team who led the investigation and arrested the three people.

He announced a cash prize and appreciation certificates for those who were part of the case.

In another case, police arrested a suspect who shot and killed a man during a robbery in Okara, Pakistan.

Following a tip-off, police were able to track down the suspect. It was reported that he had been spotted in the area.

The police team raided a hideout and managed to arrest the accused. He was identified as Aslam Bhutta.

During interrogation, it was revealed that Bhutta had four accomplices. They were identified as Saeed, Nisar, Amanat and Liaquat.

The four other men were arrested. Police also discovered that Bhutta was a school teacher.

Aslam and his accomplices had shot dead a man known as Rasheed and injured his brother during a robbery. The five men remain in custody.

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