Indian Man kills Mother due to Quarrels with Wife

In a shocking incident, an Indian man violently killed his mother due to her frequent arguments with his wife.

Indian Man kills Mother due to Quarrels with Wife f

he returned home to find Munni arguing with Roshni outside.

An Indian man has been arrested for brutally killing his mother.

The shocking incident happened in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on the night of August 6, 2023.

It is believed that he murdered his mother because he was frustrated over her frequent arguments with his wife.

After the killing, he contacted the police and told them what happened.

Officers from Naubasta Police Station turned up at the house and arrested Ajay. His wife Roshni was also taken into police custody.

The victim was identified as Munni Devi. She lived with her youngest son Ajay and his wife in Rajiv Nagar Colony.

Her eldest son Vijay lives with his wife and their children in a nearby house.

Whilst in police custody, Ajay revealed that there was constant tension between his mother and his wife, with the pair frequently quarrelling.

On the night of the murder, he returned home to find Munni arguing with Roshni outside.

Seeing them arguing caused Ajay to angrily release his built-up frustration, picking up an iron rod and striking his mother over the head.

The blow opened up a massive wound on Munni’s head. She fell to the floor and died at the scene.

Vijay revealed he became concerned when he saw lots of people running towards his mother’s house. On arriving at the house, he saw his mother’s body lying near the gate.

Meanwhile, Ajay said that he attacked his mother out of anger. Once he calmed down, he realised what he had done and called the police.

During the investigation, officers spoke to neighbours who revealed that arguments between Munni and Roshni were common.

They said the Indian man also used to fight with his mother.

ADCP Ankita Sharma said they arrived at the property after receiving information about the murder of an elderly woman.

She said:

“The accused Ajay has been taken into custody. Along with him, we are interrogating his wife.”

Incidents of Indian men killing their mothers due to tension with their wives are not uncommon.

In September 2019, a man from Kalyan, Maharashtra was arrested for killing his mother after she refused to allow his wife back home.

Ruksana Mulla had sent Aman Mulla‘s wife back to her parental home and refused to let her back in, making him unhappy.

He was also angry that his mother allegedly treated his wife badly.

Mulla repeatedly asked for his wife to come back home but his mother would not allow it.

During the evening of September 4, 2019, Mulla and his mother argued over the fact that she was not allowing his wife to return home.

However, the row turned violent and Mulla began assaulting his mother with various objects found in the house.

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