Shefali Shah believes Rapists deserve Capital Punishment

Shefali Shah, of Emmy-winning show ‘Delhi Crime’, spoke about her views on rapists and whether they deserve capital punishment.

Shefali Shah Believes Rapists Deserve Capital Punishment f

"People are telling the stories from a woman’s perspective."

Netflix original Delhi Crime actress Shefali Shah has recently opened up about her views on how rapists should be treated in India.

The Nirbhaya gang-rape case of 2012 forced people to take to the streets and walk miles to demand justice.

People were forced to think about the safety of women in India and all over the world.

The incident was relived when Netflix released India’s original web-show Delhi Crime, a retelling of the case featuring actress Shefali Shah.

The actress played the role of DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, the lead inspector of the ‘Nirbhaya Case’.

The series, which won India’s first-ever Emmy Award, showed what went behind nabbing the culprits of the horrendous crime.

Speaking about her role as Vartika, Shefali said:

“It talks about a woman, her pain, agony, and her loss of life, and at the same time, it tells the story of another woman.

“A woman who fought for justice and who got the justice delivered to her.

“There are already a lot of shows that are women-oriented. People are telling the stories from a woman’s perspective.

Delhi Crime’s win is now going to reinforce the fact there’s a lot of talent and talent is not gender-based.

“This is going to cement the fact that the credibility of an artist is not gender-based.”


Speaking on the criticism the show receives of showcasing the worst part of India, Shefali said:

“Let’s be very clear, this case (Nirbhaya gang-rape case) happened in India but India is not the only place where a rape takes place.

“Such crimes, unfortunately, happen all around the world.

“The show is not just about the loss, pain, and humiliation of one woman. It’s also a story of another woman who got justice.

“It’s a story of compassion, passion and single-minded force, duty, and justice.”

“It’s unfair to say that this story shows the bad side of India. That’s not true, not when it comes to Delhi Crime.”

Speaking on her views of capital punishment, Shefali Shah expresses that she is all for it, saying:

“Rapists deserve what they do to others.”

Having worked in such an emotional gut-wrenching TV show, the actress shares that there was one moment she truly resonated with the tragedy.

Sharing her thoughts on the moment that affected her most, the actress added:

“There was this one moment during the interrogation scene (in which) when I heard the other actors describe the culprit.

“I wanted to tear him apart with my fingernails. It was like somebody had ‘pulled out my guts’. I was sick and so angry.

“A lot of people told me that at that moment when I hit that shoe at him and abused him… they said it was like an expression of what they all felt.”

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