Swara Bhasker & Richa Chadha show support for Diljit Dosanjh

Swara Bhasker and Richa Chadha have shown their support for Diljit Dosanjh amid his feud with Kangana Ranaut over the farmers’ protest.

Swara Bhasker & Richa Chadha show support for Diljit Dosanjh f

“Diljit Dosanjh is a STAR! Dil-jit actually!”

Swara Bhasker and Richa Chadha have sided with Diljit Dosanjh amid his public Twitter feud with Kangana Ranaut.

The feud came to fruition after Kangana misidentified an elderly woman as Bilkis Bano in the ongoing farmers’ protest and claimed that she can be hired as a protestor for Rs. 100 (£1).

This prompted Diljit to say that the woman was actually Mahinder Kaur. He then criticised Kangana and said that is someone who “says anything”.

Kangana then responded by calling Diljit “Karan Johar’s lackey”.

It resulted in a bitter back-and-forth between the two, with the pair hurling insults at each other.

The misidentifying tweet also led to Kangana receiving a legal notice to apologise.

Now, Swara Bhasker and Richa Chadha took to Twitter and hailed Diljit for his stance against the outspoken actress.

Swara posted: “Diljit Dosanjh is a STAR! Dil-jit actually!”

Richa also showed her support, posting: “Seriously, I am telling this to all of you in public interest. Don’t get into fights with Punjabis please.”

A fan said: “Diljit is shining today. He used such pure Punjabi that I had to take help of my granny for translation.”

Richa replied: “Just look at the consistency. He doesn’t change.”

Swara and actress Taapsee Pannu also reacted after a Twitter user claimed that it took a Punjabi celebrity to speak up while Bollywood stayed quiet.

The user, Akash Banerjee, wrote:

“Tragic state of Bollywood – even after so much abuse and slander they kept mum on Kangana.

“Finally a Punjabi singer/actor had to deal with the guttermouth; reveals just how hollow, impotent and supine Bollywood has become.

“Not being able to stand up for the nation – or for itself. Not being able to stand up for the nation – or for itself.”

He also retweeted another comment which said:

“Kangana Ranaut has been calling names and mudslinging Hindi film industry for months now.

“She has taken names of top stars producers directors and called them druggies, molesters and what not.

“No one spoke, Diljit Dosanjh has taken this bully by the horns.”

Swara responded to the Twitter user, saying: “Not everyone kept mum.”

She tagged Taapsee Pannu who promptly wrote:

“That’s always been the problem here. Hum kuch mayeno mein “outsiders” hi rahenge na #AProudOutsider.”

Both Swara and Taapsee have been involved in Twitter spats with Kangana in the past.

Kangana had called the pair “B grade actresses” and “needy outsiders”, which led to Swara and Taapsee hitting back, saying that they refuse to be bitter about being outsiders.

Taapsee also called Kangana a hypocrite for fighting for outsiders while bringing other outsiders down at the same time.

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