Pakistani Wife kills Husband with Help of Lover & Daughters

Police discovered that a Pakistani wife from Punjab enlisted the help of her lover and two daughters to kill her husband.

Pakistani Wife kills Husband with Help of Lover & Daughters f

so that they could carry on seeing each other.

Police arrested a Pakistani wife after it was discovered that she murdered her husband. The woman’s lover and two daughters were also arrested for their roles in the killing.

The incident happened in the village of Burhan, in the Attock district of Punjab.

District Police Officer Syed Khalid Hamdani explained that Mohammad Shafiq had been found dead at his home in mysterious circumstances.

The victim’s brother had reported the matter.

A police team led by DSP Raja Fayyaz ul Hassan carried out the investigation.

The victim’s wife was taken in for questioning, however, she ended up admitting responsibility.

The woman said that she along with her two daughters and lover came up with a plan to kill her husband as he would subject her to torture.

Investigating officer Zulfiqar Khan said that Mohammad had been working abroad for several years.

In 2015, his wife started having an affair with Umair, who was reportedly a teenager at the time.

Mohammad returned home in 2019 and established a tailoring business near his home.

As a result of the new business, carrying on the illicit relationship with Umair became difficult for the Pakistani wife.

She then told her lover to get a tailoring job at her husband’s business so that they could carry on seeing each other. The plan worked for some time, but Mohammad soon found out about the affair.

The two lovers were unaware that Mohammad knew.

Meanwhile, Mohammad fired Umair and told him to never enter his shop. He then allegedly started beating his wife.

During the domestic abuse, the woman used to tell her daughters that their father was a cruel person. This prompted the daughters to develop an internal hatred towards their father.

Afterwards, the wife came up with a plan to kill her husband. She asked Umair to help her and he agreed. The woman also persuaded her daughters to get involved.

On the night of the murder, Umair went to Mohammad’s house where the four perpetrators suffocated him to death.

Mohammad’s brother discovered the body and informed the police. Following an investigation, they discovered that his wife, her lover and two daughters were responsible.

DPO Hassan stated that the four have been arrested and have been remanded in custody.

It was revealed that both daughters were enrolled in university.

Umair, who is now 22-years-old, was from the same area as the victim.

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