Pakistani Wife kills Husband with Help of Family Members

In a shocking incident, a Pakistani wife violently murdered her husband with the help of her daughter and her brother-in-law.

Pakistani Wife kills Husband with Help of Family Members f

His body was then mutilated

A shocking incident has taken place in the Lyari district of Karachi, in which a wife brutally murdered her husband, with the aid of her daughter and brother-in-law.

The victim, Aslam, was married to wife Seema for 10 years, and together they had three daughters.

It is believed he also has 11 children from his previous marriage.

The incident occurred when Seema plotted with her daughter Ambar, and her brother-in-law Faisal to end her husband’s life.

According to reports, Aslam was taken to a deserted location and was subjected to a barbarous assault in which sharp objects were used to cause harm to the victim.

His body was then mutilated and an attempt to douse it in acid was made before it was hidden in a water drum and bucket.

Although his remains lay undiscovered for a period of three days, it was eventually found by a passerby.

The victim’s brother, Aijaz Mohammad Baloch, accused Seema of being responsible.

He also claimed that her elder daughter and her brother-in-law were somehow involved.

A murder case was subsequently registered. Seema, Ambar and Faisal were subsequently placed under arrest as primary suspects.

It is not yet known when they will be presented in court.

After a police investigation, it came to light that the barbaric murder took place due to a conflict regarding Ambar’s marriage.

It has been said that Seema wished for Ambar to marry someone of her choice but Aslam did not agree and wanted her to marry someone else.

The alarm was raised when Aslam, a well-known face in the community, was not seen for a number of days.

This led members of his family to visit the home of his second wife, where there was no response.

It is reported that the house was then broken into and investigators were met with a scent that told a story of wrongdoing.

Although reports suggest that Aslam was taken to a secluded location where he is attacked, other reports suggest that he was discovered at Seema’s home, where his remains were concealed in a water drum.

His remains have since been handed to his family in order for funeral arrangements to be made.

The tragedy of Aslam is one of many domestic violence cases against men in Pakistan.

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