Indian Police Head kills Wife & her Family Members with AK-47

A senior officer in the Indian police killed his wife and her family members with an AK-47. The incident happened in Moga, Punjab.

Punjab Police Head kills Wife & her Family Members with AK-47 f

he went back to his in-laws' home with his AK-47.

A shocking incident occurred in which an Indian police head used an AK-47 to murder his wife and her family members.

Four people were killed while another was seriously injured. The incident happened at the in-laws’ home in Halka Dharamkot, Moga, Punjab.

It was reported that the shooting stemmed from a land dispute.

Kulwinder Singh was the Head Constable of the Punjab Police. He had built a pig farm on his in-laws’ land.

On numerous occasions, he told his wife Rajwinder Kaur to look after it but she refused. This resulted in constant arguments.

On February 15, 2020, Kulwinder went to his in-laws’ home along with his wife and their son.

Whilst there, he drank heavily and later started arguing with his wife. As it became more heated, the in-laws called the police.

Officers arrived at the scene and took Singh to the police station. At around 12:30 am, he had sobered up and he was released.

However, officers said that he went back to his in-laws’ home with his AK-47. He reached the house at 5:30 am and began firing in the air.

The senior police officer then fired at his wife, mother-in-law and two brothers-in-law, killing them instantly. Kulwinder also fired at a 10-year-old relative, injuring her.

His son, father-in-law and brother were also inside the house but they survived after running out of the house.

Following the quadruple homicide, the Indian police head went to the police station with the weapon and handed himself in.

Kulwinder was arrested. His brother, Harjinder Singh, gave a statement and a case was registered.

During the investigation, officers found that Kulwinder was a recovering alcoholic, having not drunk alcohol for six years.

However, he ended up drinking the night before murdering his wife and in-laws.

Kulwinder has numerous cases registered against him, including drug smuggling. He is also accused of possessing illegal weapons.

In 2014, Kulwinder fired several rounds into the air from the roof of his house. A case was registered and he was suspended.

Department officials could not guarantee that Kulwinder would be able to return to his job, however, they reinstated him.

Prior to their deaths, Rajwinder and her family sent a written application to the police station, pleading with them not to reinstate him.

They said that anything could happen if he drinks alcohol.

Despite their application, Kulwinder remained the head of the Punjab Police and was also given an AK-47.

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