Urfi Javed goes Topless with Risqué ‘Flower’ Outfit

Urfi Javed is known for her risqué outfit choices and this one may be her boldest look yet, wearing just flowers to cover her modesty.

Urfi Javed goes Topless with Risqué Flower Outfit f

"Shameless girl, wear more clothes."

Urfi Javed may have just flaunted her boldest look yet, going topless except for some flowers to cover up her modesty.

The Bigg Boss OTT star has become known for wearing bold outfits.

On many occasions, the 24-year-old is seen in unique outfits and is usually scantily clad.

This tends to result in social media users trolling her, however, the comments do not affect Urfi.

Urfi has now raised eyebrows with her latest fashion choice.

In an Instagram reel, Urfi wore a pair of nude-coloured shorts and not much else.

The TV actress went topless but an array of pink, purple and yellow flowers were carefully arranged to cover her modesty.

She complimented her look with subtle makeup.

Her hair was styled in a ponytail, with some left to flow down the right side of her face.

Urfi captioned the post with several flower emojis.


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The post went viral and unsurprisingly, netizens took to the comments section.

Some fans loved Urfi’s floral look.

One wrote: “Super hot lustrous beauty.”

Another commented: “Awesome.”

A third said: “You’re also a flower. Now you wear a flower dress.”

However, others did not like Urfi’s choice of outfit.

One person said: “Shameless girl, wear more clothes. You are a s*** stain.”

Another asked: “How can someone be so stupid?”

A third wrote: “Ma’am I respect you but this costume is so crazy, all the limits crossed.

“Please don’t wear these type of costumes.”

One person was so unimpressed by Urfi’s outfit that they pledged to unfollow her on social media.

While wearing just flowers was bold, one user said that her outfit was fairly mild, claiming that Urfi’s outfits may get even bolder in the future.

“Just stick to the flowers or else the matter may get worse.”

Another agreed, stating that it will only be a matter of time before Urfi Javed goes fully nude.

“One day you will show all.”

Others compared Urfi’s fashion sense to that of Ranveer Singh, who is known for his eccentric outfits.

Although Urfi Javed is frequently trolled, she has said that she does not get affected.

She previously said: “I feel like trolling those trolls.

“It doesn’t really affect me because when you rise up in your career, it doesn’t matter what people below you are saying.

“For me, the voices of the trolls faint down. Hence, I don’t listen to those people.”

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