‘365 Days’ star Michele Morrone reveals Bollywood Offers

‘365 Days’ actor Michele Morrone has revealed that he has been approached by filmmakers for Bollywood projects.

Michele Morrone reveals Bollywood Interest f

"I can’t wait to see what the outcome can be.”

Italian actor Michele Morrone opened up about the possibility of starring in a Bollywood film, revealing that he has been approached with offers.

The actor became an overnight sensation after appearing in the erotic drama 365 Days.

He said that since then, his management team has expanded to India, after discovering that the Hindi film industry expressed interest in casting him.

Michele said: “I would love to do a Hindi film.

“As an actor, I love challenging roles and they can sometimes make you uncomfortable.

“I believe when you’re uncomfortable, that’s when you start creating magic.”

Michele went on to say that Bollywood’s reach is undeniable, admitting that he loves Indian culture, music and the beauty of the films created.

He continued: “I don’t know much, but I recently started educating myself by looking for information on Bollywood.

“My management team has also expanded to India and I can’t wait to see what the outcome can be.”

Michele is aware that Bollywood has been approaching him for roles and upon discovering that several Bollywood personalities follow him on social media, he said:

“I am honoured and humbled. My team has been approached for Bollywood projects, and that’s why we’ve expanded there.”

Recently, nude photos of Michele Morrone from 365 Days were leaked.

He subsequently issued a statement, criticising the leak.

In a note on his Instagram Stories, he wrote:

“As an actor your life becomes public.

“But, as a human being, I would still like my privacy to myself, and I’m a huge fan of privacy.

“It is never ok to invade someone’s privacy and it’s very disrespectful.”

“What happened is a big offence to me.”

Thanking his fans, Michele added:

“I really wanna thank all of my online family for taking action against all the private images of me that leaked while I was working on set professionally.”

Michele Morrone originally worked as a gardener in an Italian village. He quickly became a star when he acted in 365 Days, a Polish erotic drama that became a hit in 2020.

Although the film has a 0% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it raked in huge viewership numbers and was consistently ranked among the top 10 titles in India.

Earlier in June 2021, it was reported that Karan Johar was among several Bollywood producers who had expressed interest in casting him.

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