Indian Businessman assassinated due to Friend’s Affair with Wife

An Indian businessman was killed in an assassination orchestrated by his friend so that he could be with the victim’s wife.

Indian Businessman assassinated due to Friend's Affair with Wife f

Ratnesh felt his friend was getting in the way

Police are searching for a man after it was discovered that he orchestrated the murder of an Indian businessman because he wanted to be with the victim’s wife.

Sujit Kumar Chaudhary, a resident of Samastipur, Bihar, ran a grocery business in Manipur. He was murdered on July 10, 2023.

It was orchestrated by his friend Ratnesh Kumar, who paid Rs. 6 Lakh (£5,600) to three people to carry out the killing.

Superintendent of Police Vinay Tiwari said Sujit and Ratnesh used to run a business together and were good friends.

Ratnesh frequently visited Sujit at his home and during this time, he got to know Sujit’s wife.

The pair became friends and she soon began cheating on Sujit with Ratnesh.

SP Tiwari explained that the lovers started meeting each other secretly and over time, Ratnesh fell in love with her and wanted to marry her.

However, Ratnesh felt his friend was getting in the way so he planned to have him killed.

SP Tiwari said Ratnesh went to Vaishali and hired three people to carry out the killing, paying them Rs. 2 Lakh (£1,800) each.

It is reported that the three people approached Sujit at his shop and shot him, killing the Indian businessman instantly.

To ensure that the killing was successfully carried out, Ratnesh was present during the post-mortem and identified his friend’s body.

Sujit’s family initially did not suspect Ratnesh.

A few days after the murder, the victim’s wife filed a complaint against a man named Shahzad. She suspected he was responsible because her husband had an argument with him.

Shahzad was questioned but there were no leads.

Police then analysed Sujit’s wife’s phone, they discovered that she used to have long phone calls with Ratnesh.

But when officers searched for Ratnesh, they found he was on the run.

Police monitored Ratnesh’s location history and on the day of the murder, it was found that a person named Nikki Kumar was nearby.

Officers located Nikki and took him into custody.

He told police that Ratnesh approached him and two others to carry out the murder.

Nikki explained that Ratnesh told them he wanted Sujit killed so that he could be with his wife. He also told them to shoot him inside his shop.

Police officers concluded that Sujit’s wife had no involvement in the murder.

SP Tiwari said Ratnesh wanted to marry Sujit’s wife and concluded that he orchestrated the incident alone.

Nikki confessed to carrying out the shooting.

Police are now searching for Ratnesh, Vicky Kumar and Suraj Kumar, all of who have gone on the run.

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