A Timeline of Amir Khan’s Alleged Sex Scandals

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s marriage has been plagued by cheating claims. We present a timeline of the scandals.

"Afterwards we talked for ages and it felt natural."

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom have been married for over 10 years, however, their marriage has been plagued by cheating rumours.

Since they married in 2013, rumours of Amir’s infidelities have continued to be in the headlines.

From allegedly bedding a Playboy model to a sextape leak, Amir’s private life is often in the limelight.

Cheating scandals have once again come to light, from a bridal model saying he begged her for raunchy pictures to a woman claiming they had a four-month affair.

Amir Khan’s latest cheating allegations have reportedly resulted in him and his wife separating.

As he tries to win back Faryal, we present a timeline of Amir Khan’s alleged cheating scandals.

Natalie Fox

A Timeline of Amir Khan's Alleged Sex Scandals - nat

Model Natalie Fox and Amir Khan met through mutual friends and began messaging when they were both still single.

But when Natalie posted a bikini picture whilst on holiday, Amir messaged her again.

They arranged to meet at the Britannia Hotel near his home in Bolton.

After talking, Amir leaned in for a kiss, which ended up in the pair sleeping together.

Natalie said: “Afterwards we talked for ages and it felt natural. It might sound ­ridiculous, but when I left the hotel I felt like I’d fallen in love.”

But problems started when Amir allegedly started telling his and Natalie’s mutual friends they’d slept together.

They both had different stories of when their fling ended.

Amir insisted that it ended in January 2011 while Natalie claimed she slept with him two weeks before his engagement to Faryal.

Mocked by Playboy Model

A Timeline of Amir Khan's Alleged Sex Scandals - carla

Playboy model Carla Howe claimed she bedded Amir just weeks before he announced his engagement to Faryal.

They began messaging and things soon turned sexual, with Amir constantly talking about Carla’s breasts.

A source told Daily Star at the time:

“Carla and Amir started dating in 2011 for a few months when they both lived in LA.

“He made out to her that he was single, but he must have been with Faryal.

“He was going back and forth to New York at the time, so he must have been seeing both girls.”

But according to the source, his bedroom skills were a letdown.

The source continued: “Carla wasn’t really attracted to him, but he’s quite skinny and not that muscular.

“She only went out with him because he persued her so much.

“Carla didn’t rate him in the bedroom at all. She said he was shy and didn’t take the lead.”

Lingerie Model Romp

A Timeline of Amir Khan's Alleged Sex Scandals - french

French lingerie model Eglantine-Flore Aguilar claimed she had sex with Amir Khan in 2014 after wooing her on social media.

He allegedly flew her from Paris to a London hotel.

After their alleged tryst came to light, Faryal called Eglantine-Flore a “lying home wrecker” and remained with Amir.

Eglantine-Flore said: “Any woman would be sickened to find out their hubby bedded another woman behind their back and Amir did it while she was pregnant.

“She stuck by him, she was in denial.

“She said he was a responsible man and soon-to-be father and that she trusted him and that I was a liar. But he’s never been able to keep it in his pants.

“He claimed to be a role model and a doting family man, but he’s nothing better than a sordid, cheating sleaze-ball.”

Eglantine-Flore, whose famous exes include Ashley Cole, added:

“I think Amir just loves women. I know he tried to hide the extra-marital relationships.

“I think it was very cruel for him to cheat so many times on her, especially when she was pregnant.”

Lewd Texts to a Shopworker

In 2015, it was reported that Amir Khan bombarded stunning shopworker Clair Nuttall with lewd texts.

It was alleged that he urged her to perform sex acts on him and begged for a threesome.

However, she denied the accusations, saying:

“They are 99 per cent wrong and one per cent right that’s for sure… and on that note that’s just my name.”

Boasting about Trysts to Model

Glamour model Christie Lee Hoyle met Amir Khan at a charity event in March 2015 and claimed that he later turned up at her Bradford flat boasting about the number of women he had seen behind Faryal’s back.

She also claimed he begged her for shower pictures.

The alleged hook-up took place just six days before Faryal announced she was having a girl.

Christie claimed Amir stayed for 45 minutes before returning to Bolton.

However, Faryal insisted her claims were untrue, saying:

“No1 knows my husband the way I do, not even the ones that lived with him all their life.

“Only a wife knows the inside/out of her husband and I know how much of a gem mine is.”

Christie responded:

“Faryal needs to know Amir Khan will never change. He cheats and cheats and cheats.”

“I hope his wife gets the message and dumps his sorry arse and no other woman will touch him with a bargepole.”

Car Park Tryst

Just eight days after the birth of his first daughter Lamaisah, a woman claimed the ex-boxer bombarded her with X-rated messages.

The woman said they had met five times in a Bolton parking garage, where Amir often kissed and fondled her in her car.

She said: “He’s got a beautiful wife and a lovely baby but he still thinks he can play the field.

“He really believes all this ‘King Khan’ c**p he’s surrounded himself with.

“I knew who he was but I honestly didn’t know he was married.

“When I found out I wanted to end it but he insisted on carrying on.

“He’s shameless. He should be at home with his wife and daughter, not meeting up with different girls around town.”

Things soured when Amir found out she was a lap dancer. He sent her a message complaining she had not been upfront only for her to reply and say he hadn’t been upfront about being married.

Orgy Offer to MTV Star

In 2015, MTV star Lateysha Grace claimed that Amir Khan offered her £2,000 to take part in a foursome.

Lateysha, who appeared on The Valleys, claimed that Amir made the proposal in a Miami nightclub moments after Faryal left the building.

She said the former boxer told her and her friends:

“Let’s go to your apartment now.”

He also allegedly suggested sex in the nightclub’s disabled toilet.

Lateysha turned down the alleged offer, saying:

“What planet was this guy on?

“Maybe in Bolton some tart would give him a s**g in the toilets but this was Miami, baby.”

Faryal hit back at the claims while Amir admitted to posing for photos with Lateysha but said he left the club with his wife straight afterwards.

Affair with Pakistani Model

Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom had a public spat and split up for a while.

He later said he wanted to patch things up. But despite that, he was allegedly having an affair with a Pakistani model.

Amir started spending time with Alyzeh Gabol.

One source told The Sun: “Amir has not ended things with Alyzeh.

“Over the past four months, he has been to Pakistan to see her on at least four occasions, and they have also met up at least once in Dubai.

“They were together just last week. Amir might say he is committed to the reunion with Faryal, but it’s all about the money for him.

“Before they reconciled, Faryal had grown so desperate for him not to divorce her that she agreed to ‘give him space’ when he isn’t at home with her.”

Amir had earlier said: “Me and Alyzeh met weeks after me and Faryal decided to leave each other.

“People are saying the reason I left Faryal was for her, but it’s not true. I respect Alyzeh and I think it’s best to keep her out of this drama.”

Sextape Leak

In 2017, a sextape surfaced on a porn site.

The explicit video purportedly featured Amir in a T-shirt and boxer shorts performing a sex act during a Skype call.

He was heard speaking to a female model, believed to be from Arizona.

It was alleged that the clip was filmed just weeks after his wedding to Faryal in 2013.

A source said at the time: “This is a mortifying moment for Amir.

“He’s a Muslim boxer and his personal life is under the microscope right now, so the timing couldn’t be worse.

“There had been rumours about these videos for years but now anyone who wants to view them on the internet for free can do so.”

Amir and Faryal then appeared on ITV’s This Morning to insist that the tape was made before they met.

Faryal also claimed it was leaked by someone out of revenge. She said:

“I feel like someone’s done it out of revenge, someone close to us. It’s not necessarily a family member.

“Amir has fired a lot of people who worked for the company so it could be a worker.”

Sleeping with a Beautician

Beautician Sophia Hammani claimed that Amir slept with her just 17 days after Faryal gave birth to their second child.

She said she met Amir at the London nightclub Libertine on May 11, 2018, when she was on a night out with friends.

At the club, Amir invited her to his table and they hit it off. Her friends then joined Amir and his friends at a shisha bar, where flirting continued between them.

Sophia then claimed that Amir invited her back to his room at the £200-a-night Montcalm Hotel in Shoreditch, East London.

She said that they both spent the night together and in the morning he left her £20 for a taxi to get her back home. He told her he had meetings and did not stay.

Sophia claimed Faryal texted her after she found her number of Amir’s phone.

She claimed that Faryal, rather than being angry with Sophia, forgave her for the fling with Amir in the exchange of text messages which were a “sisterly chat”.

However, Amir Khan hit back at Sophia Hammani’s claims, saying she was a disappointed fan who could not get a photo with him because she was too drunk.

‘Begging’ a Bridal Model for Racy Pics

At the beginning of July 2023, Amir Khan’s marriage was rocked by claims he had “begged” a bridal model to send him racy pictures.

Amir allegedly contacted Sumaira online and complimented her on her tattoos.

The conversation then allegedly turned racy, with Amir saying she “looked good” in a G-string and suggested that she had a boob job.

Their conversation is said to have happened shortly before Amir’s 10th wedding anniversary.

Sumaira also claimed that Amir tried to get her to join him on a night out in London.

Amir denied the claims and said Sumaira had sent him revealing pictures unsolicited and attempted to blackmail him for £20,000.

Sumaira then shared a TikTok video and accused the former boxer of lying. She also threatened to post more screenshots of their messages.

This prompted Faryal to hit out at the 25-year-old.

Sumaira responded and claimed that she was being threatened to stay silent.

Amir later admitted that he contacted Sumaira out of “boredom” and said he was open to therapy to stop him messaging other women.

A 4-Month Affair

A few weeks after his messages to Sumaira came to light, an unnamed woman claimed she had a four-month affair with Amir Khan.

She claimed Amir messaged her on Instagram shortly after she viewed his profile.

The woman said the ex-boxer told her that he “was in an unhappy marriage and it was more of a business arrangement”.

After he asked her to send him “naughty pictures”, Amir allegedly begged her for “no holds barred sex“.

According to the woman, they met at a London hotel for sex.

The woman said in June 2023, Faryal contacted her and threatened to “name and shame her”.

Amir is believed to have sent her several messages before abruptly ceasing contact with her.

‘Sexual Advances’ towards Ex-BBC Presenter

In August 2023, former BBC presenter Suzi Mann claimed Amir Khan sent her unwanted messages after they appeared at an event together.

She claimed they met in 2016 when she hosted an Arijit Singh concert in Manchester.

In an Instagram post, Suzi said:

“A couple of days after the concert, I started receiving WhatsApp messages from an unknown number, with someone claiming to be Amir Khan!

“I immediately had to ask, actor or boxer? Unfortunately, it was the latter!

“On a more serious note, these messages continued and then I started to receive calls and voicemails from Amir Khan himself.”

Suzi accused him of making “sexual advances” and admitted that she did not feel “comfortable” but she “remained professional” by choosing not to “entertain” his behaviour.

Suzi also claimed his wife Faryal launched a tirade of “vile, abusive and uncalled for” attacks whilst pretending to be the ex-boxer.

Both Amir and Faryal denied Suzi’s allegations.

Amir Khan’s cheating scandals have spanned even before he and Faryal tied the knot.

Given that more allegations continue to be in the headlines, it is unlikely that things will die down anytime soon.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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