Father Battered Daughter outside School for Wearing Makeup

A 59-year-old man faced jail time for biting and beating his daughter with a metal pole for wearing makeup on the morning of her GCSE exam.


"There was also evidence of him biting her"

59-year-old delivery driver, Hussein Alinzi, assaulted his 15-year-old daughter with an iron bar on the morning of her GCSE exam.

He dropped her off at school early and found the gates locked.

Alinzi confronted his daughter, accusing her of planning to secretly meet a boy as she was wearing makeup.

Alinzi’s arrest followed the assault, and he later admitted to the charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, despite initially providing a no-comment interview.

The court proceedings revealed that the violent attack transpired outside Whalley Range High School in Manchester on June 22, 2022.

The prosecutor, Wayne Jackson, revealed the details of the attack:

“The defendant drove her to school and arrived at the gates at 7:30 am, only to find they were closed.

“The defendant then began to shout at his daughter and accused her of wanting to come to school early, so she could meet a boy.

“He then shouted at her for wearing makeup when in fact her mother asked her to cover up her facial bruises with makeup following previous incidents.

“He then pulled out a metal bar, measuring 30 cm in length, from underneath the car seat and struck his daughter a number of times to the arm and head whilst continuing to shout at her.

“There was also evidence of him biting her on her left temple.

“After briefly losing consciousness, she came around and attended school to sit her English exam.

“However, she felt dizzy and nauseous, was removed from the GCSE English exam she was taking and was taken to A&E.”

Through the prosecutor, it was revealed that the daughter’s makeup was an attempt to conceal bruises from previous assaults by her father.

The victim was discovered to have sustained 14 distinct injuries.

She disclosed that she had endured two years of mistreatment and bullying from her father, who had also made threats to her life, including running her over.

The court further revealed that the victim had been isolated from social interactions, allowed only female friends, and denied access to the park.


Jackson explained how the daughter couldn’t sleep through fear and admitted her father has anger issues. He also explained: 

“Her mother and other families are scared of him. [The daughter] also said that despite all this, she is now used to it.”

Giving his thoughts during the sentencing, Judge Mr. Recorder Peter Wright KC said:

“Any suggestion that his behaviour is the fault of his daughter is misguided to say the least.

“You have not behaved like a father should to his children, you behaved like a monster to them.

“She should have been expected to be loved and protected by you, not assaulted and abused.

“She lived her life in fear of you, enduring your physical conduct towards her.

“You are a bully, and what you did was not protecting your child.

“What person takes a metal rod to strike their child, it is one who has no respect for them.

“Even if it had been true that she had been lying to you, that is of course no excuse for what you did.

“Your conduct was unforgivable and indicates your will for a combination of fear and violence. This is not acceptable, it is inexcusable and shameful.”

During the hearing at Manchester Crown Court, the victim’s statement played a pivotal role in influencing the judge’s decision to spare Alinzi an immediate prison sentence.

The daughter expressed:

“When my father was arrested, I felt safe that he was not here, but sad that he was not home.

“My mum struggles to look after my younger brother and I felt guilty that I brought shame on my family.

“I love my dad and I can see that his attitude has now changed.

“This has made me realise how people can actually change.

“Since he has not been living with us, I have become more independent. My brother needs to live with his dad, and he needs him back.

“I actually feel happy as all this has changed him, it has made him realise what he can and can’t do.”

She conveyed a complex understanding of her father’s transformation, ultimately meaning he was spared jail time. 

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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