Pakistani Father kills Daughter for not Making Rotis Correctly

A Pakistani father killed his 12-year-old daughter after she did not make rotis up to his standards. DESIblitz has more on the case.

Pakistani Father kills Daughter for not Making Rotis Correctly

"Khalid and his son kept shedding crocodile tears."

Asian women are usually teased and somewhat judged on their roti skills, but Khalid Mehmood decided to take it a step further.

He has recently been sentenced to death for killing his young daughter in 2015, after not being very impressed with her rotis.

The father had help from his son, Abuzar, who helped to dump the girl’s body outside a hospital in Lahore.

The court heard that the 12-year-old girl named Annega, was reported as being kidnapped. To cover up his crimes, Mehmood had phoned the police to tell them that she had not returned after going out to buy food.

Unable to make ‘gol’ rotis (round and fluffy chapatis), the girl was violently beaten and later died of her injuries.

After interrogating Mehmood’s neighbours, it was his wife who spilled the beans on the fact that her husband and son had murdered her daughter.

Originally trying to hide the fact he had committed the crime, Mehmood eventually confessed to beating his daughter, dumping her body and filing a false kidnapping report.

The judge decided to sentence the man to death alongside a fine of £4,000 (500,000 Pakistani rupees).

According to Dawn News, a senior police officer investigating the case, had said: “Khalid and his son kept shedding crocodile tears to hoodwink the police but the mother took off the lid on how brutally they beat the 12-year-old to death.”

Approximately 500 women are killed each year in Pakistan by family members who believe the girls are damaging their ‘honour’.

Pakistan’s parliament recently passed legislation earlier in October 2016 to try and tackle honour killings. The new law now makes it possible for courts to give those responsible for ‘honour’ killings life sentences.

Mehmood has reportedly been sentenced under this new practice as he now serves a life sentence until death. The son’s sentence is yet unknown.

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