Faryal Makhdoom threatened to ‘Slit’ Love Rival’s ‘Throat’ in Rant

Faryal Makhdoom reportedly launched into a furious rant at a new love rival linked to her husband, threatening to “slit her throat”.

Faryal Makhdoom threatened to 'Slit' Love Rival's 'Throat' in Rant f

“You should be scared of me, b***h"

Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom reportedly went on a furious rant at a new love rival linked to the former boxer, saying she hoped she would “die of cancer”.

Faryal also appeared to say that she would slit the unnamed woman’s throat during a phone call.

It is reported that Amir met the woman in Dubai.

In the recording heard by The Sun, Faryal appeared to threaten:

“If you ever contact Amir again, I will slit your f****** throat.

“You should be scared of me, b***h, you should be scared of me.

“I hope one day you die with cancer, b***h, okay?

“Now go hang up. F*** off now. Dumb b***h.”

Faryal then boasted about how she is “the biggest Asian” and claimed people imitate her.

Faryal ranted: “I’m the biggest Asian, alright, and girls like you look up to me.

“And you sleep with married men — b***h.

“Have you seen the state of you? You think you look like me? B***h, you wish you looked like me.”

While the remarks were not intended to be a genuine threat, it is not the first time that Faryal has allegedly ranted at another woman linked to her husband.

Former BBC presenter Suzi Mann accused Amir Khan of sending her unwanted messages after meeting at a concert in Manchester in 2016.

She then claimed he repeatedly messaged her on WhatsApp, “flirting” with her and “making sexual advances”.

Suzi also claimed that Faryal then launched a tirade of “vile, abusive and uncalled for” attacks whilst pretending to be the ex-boxer.

In a Twitter conversation, Faryal allegedly told Suzi:

“This is Amir Khan’s wife.

“Stay the f*** away from my husband… if you dare message or call him I will destroy you. Keep the f*** away and I’m serious.”

Suzi alleged that Amir and Faryal of go “out of their way” to “abuse, blackmail, insult and threaten women”.

After Amir denied Suzi’s allegations, Faryal Makhdoom addressed Suzi’s claims, insisting that they are a “load of rubbish”.

She said: “This is all untrue.

“Amir has denied the accusations and doesn’t even remember this woman.

“What’s confusing is, why has it taken her several years to address this?

“She claims I said I’d ‘destroy’ her… It’s a load of rubbish.”

“I’ve never messaged on Twitter – I don’t even remember seeing this woman’s face.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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