Amir Khan open to Therapy to Stop Him Sexting Women

Following the scandal involving a model, Amir Khan has said that he is open to undergoing therapy in a bid to stop him messaging other women.

Amir Khan open to Therapy to Stop Him Messaging Women f

"I am willing to go to ­therapy to stop me sending texts to women"

Amir Khan has revealed that he is open to undergoing therapy in a bid to stop himself from contacting other women.

Over the years, the former boxer has been at the centre of cheating and sexting scandals.

And in June 2023, Amir allegedly contacted bridal model Sumaira online and “begged” her for racy pictures.

It was also claimed that Amir told her that he and Faryal Makhdoom were “not properly together” and that their marriage was “a bit of a business arrangement”.

Amir later hit out at the claims, saying Sumaira had sent him revealing pictures unsolicited and attempted to blackmail him for £20,000.

Sumaira then shared a TikTok video and accused the former boxer of lying. She also threatened to post more screenshots of their messages.

This prompted Faryal to hit out at the 25-year-old.

Sumaira responded and claimed that she was being threatened to stay silent.

Amir Khan open to Therapy to Stop Him Messaging Women

Amir Khan has now addressed the incident and confessed he might “need help” to stop him from texting other women.

On whether he would attend therapy sessions, Amir said:

“That question hasn’t been brought up before.

“But maybe I do need help to stop me from messaging other women. I am willing to go to ­therapy to stop me sending texts to women who aren’t my wife.

“I think nowadays with mental health issues, any help goes a long way.

“It’s definitely something I would do. Things like that do help, so maybe it’s something to think about.”

Amir said Faryal was “disgusted” at the news of him messaging another woman, insisting that he “was not cheating”.

He explained: “She was disgusted. It’s not a nice thing to do.

“She was very angry because I shouldn’t be speaking to people like that.

“She said, ‘If you have a diamond at home, why do you want to mess around with rocks and stones?’

“It’s not nice what I’ve done. One day my kids will grow up and read this stuff, and it will upset them.”

“I don’t think I was cheating, it was just a few texts. But I regret doing it.

“I can only apologise to Faryal. People have been messaging her about it, saying, ‘Did you see this article?’ — rubbing it in her face. It’s sad.”

Amir and Faryal are currently on holiday in Greece. Expressing his regret, he added:

“The stupidest thing I did was to comment on this woman’s picture saying ‘nice’.

“I shouldn’t have done it. I have respect for my wife.

“I think I do these things out of boredom — I don’t think it’s that I can’t help myself.

“You get bored and start making mistakes.

“If I’m not careful, I will get myself into trouble – especially with the wife. She will end up saying, ‘I’ve had enough’.”

Amir is planning to get back into training and says he wants to participate in a few TV shows.

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