Amir Khan ‘begged’ Model to Send Him Racy Pics

A model has claimed that Amir Khan had “begged” her to send him revealing pictures in the lead-up to his 10th wedding anniversary.

Amir Khan 'begged' Model to Send Him Racy Pics f

“Think I wanna get caught out?”

Amir Khan allegedly begged a model to send him racy pictures and meet up with him ahead of his 10th wedding anniversary.

The retired boxer is said to have contacted bridal model Sumaira online and complimented her on her tattoos.

Amir allegedly contacted the 25-year-old on May 6, 2023.

After he commented on her tattoos, Sumaira allegedly replied:

“I don’t know if you’re joking.”

Amir responded: “Lol I’m serious. They sick. (As) in good.”

Sumaira later sent him a picture of herself fully clothed but showing roses on her midriff.

Amir allegedly replied: “Can’t stop looking.”

According to The Sun, the conversation heated up as Amir seemingly suggested that she send him more. Insisting it was “tattoo chat”, Amir allegedly added:

“It’s nothing I ain’t seen b4?.?.?.?somebody’s body.”

Sumaira then claimed they spoke on the phone during which Amir attempted to explain why he had contacted her.

She said: “We had a phone call and he said he and Faryal were not properly together and that it was a bit of a business arrangement.

“He said he was 36 and retired and that Faryal spent a lot of time in London.

“He spun me a bit of a sob story, and to begin with I felt sorry for him and thought he was lonely.”

Seemingly aware that he was going behind Faryal Makhdoom’s back, Amir vowed to delete any racy pictures she sent and asked:

“Think I wanna get caught out?”

The pair then stopped messaging and Amir Khan claimed he was travelling back to London on May 8, 2023.

Weeks later, Amir posted a picture of himself with his wife and their daughters on social media, writing:

“10 years later.”

Amir Khan 'begged' Model to Send Him Racy Pics 2

It is alleged that on June 2, Amir contacted Sumaira again to try and get her to join him on a night out in London.

He sent her the location of a nightspot and said:

“Be free around 10.30.”

But Sumaira ignored his message amid fears over his intentions.

Sumaira said: “I felt in my gut it would be a bad idea to go.”

Days later, Amir allegedly contacted Sumaira again, trying to persuade her to send him revealing photos.

Amir Khan 'begged' Model to Send Him Racy Pics

Amir – who has faced numerous cheating allegations in the past, allegedly told her:

“Don’t worry I delete.”

After Sumaira sent him a video of herself, he replied:

“Too much clothes.”

Amir is then said to have suggested that she had a “boob job”, bluntly saying:

“Let’s see.”

He added: “U look good on g string.”

After growing suspicious about what Amir Khan had said about his marriage, Sumaira and the ex-boxer allegedly argued and stopped contact.

She said:

“I was confused about what his intentions were. Then I realised he had been lying to me and trying to get one thing.”

Amir Khan has since responded to the allegations.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, he angrily said:

“These h**s send nude photos of themselves. And then ask for 20k otherwise they blackmail you.

“All for clout.

“When I got a wife like mine, I don’t need to look twice at a rat.”

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