Mia Khalifa left in Tears after Explicit Insult from Fan’s Girlfriend

Mia Khalifa was once left in tears after the girlfriend of a fan shouted an explicit insult at her in a restaurant.

Mia Khalifa left in Tears after Explicit Insult from Fan's Girlfriend f

“I didn't really know how to handle it"

Mia Khalifa has opened up about a shocking experience with a fan’s girlfriend that left her in tears in a restaurant bathroom.

Speaking to American podcaster Anthony Padilla, Mia explained that the woman shouted an explicit insult at her.

She recalled: “I was at a business meeting in London and I was there with a company that I had just signed with.

“It was the two men who were the heads of the company and my manager at the time.

“We were just sitting down celebrating having just done a great press tour for the project we were working on, and I get come up to by this guy and his girlfriend.”

The man had asked Mia for a photo but she declined because she was in the middle of a business lunch.

She admitted that she dismissed the fan in a slightly “rude way” but Mia added:

“It was also very rude for him to come up while someone was actively in the middle of a conversation”.

Crudely referencing Mia’s porn career, the fan’s girlfriend then said:

“I told you that wasn’t her. There’s not enough c*m on her face. Let’s go, babe.”

The outburst left Mia in tears.

She said: “I went to the bathroom and cried.

“I didn’t really know how to handle it, especially because it came from a woman and especially because I was there for business.”

The meeting “had nothing to do with the adult industry” and she thought the incident would end her hopes of working with the company again.

But the company representatives shrugged off the moment and Mia continued to work with them.

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This is not the first time that Mia’s old career has come back to haunt her, revealing that it affected her romantic relationships.

Mia Khalifa continued: “My first relationship after porn was dismantled for a multitude of reasons but the main one being he kept me a secret from an entire part of his life because he was ashamed.

“Any type of dating afterwards, it was either they were off-put by the whole fame aspect, or they were a little too into dating Mia Khalifa, which is disgusting.”

She added that some men would brag to their friends that they were dating Mia Khalifa.

Mia also revealed that people have “followed her to her car” and “grabbed her by the arm” while at places like the supermarket.

And when she tells them “no politely”, they often call her derogatory names.

In another instance, Mia and her now ex-husband were waiting to get their passport stamped at an airport when someone asked her for a picture.

When she declined the request, the man screamed at her, calling Mia a “b***h and a s**t” in front of everyone.

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