OnlyFans Model left in Tears over Botched Tattoo

An OnlyFans model on holiday in Bali was left in tears after the tattoo she requested went horribly wrong.

OnlyFans Model left in Tears over Botched Tattoo f

"I've been dreaming of getting this tattoo."

An OnlyFans model was left sobbing on the street after her new tattoo was botched.

Australian Tia Kabir was on holiday in Bali when she wanted ‘Angel Energy’ inked on her left forearm. But the tattoo artist accidentally wrote ‘Energy Angel’ instead.

The 19-year-old said she was completely distraught after seeing the end result, which had been written in thick black font.

In a TikTok video that has received over 2.5 million views, a crying Tia said:

“I came to Bali to get a tattoo and I’ve been dreaming of getting this tattoo.”

Wiping away tears and showing the botched tattoo, Tia continued:

“It’s supposed to say ‘Angel Energy’, now it just says ‘Energy Angel’.”

Many viewers encouraged Tia to look on the “bright side”.

One wrote: “At least it doesn’t say energy angle.”

Another said: “Sending you all my energy you angel.”

But others were not as sympathetic, with one person saying:

“That’s what you get when your budget for your dream tattoo is $20.”

Others wondered if Tia viewed the stencil before the ink was applied.

One said: “Surely you would have seen the stencil before he started.”

Another wrote: “I am screaming! I’m sorry but you didn’t check the stencil?”

@tiakabirr Im lost for words #tattoo #fyp? #fail #foryou ? original sound – Tia k

Posting sound advice, a TikTok user suggested:

“Just put ‘protect your’ above it.”

Others recommended that she get it removed.

OnlyFans Model left in Tears over Botched Tattoo

Tia later explained that she wanted ‘Angel Energy’ on her arm to represent the hardship she has been through in her life.

The OnlyFans model said: “I’ve always wanted something powerful such as Angel Energy on my arm as I believe through everything I have been through to becoming the influencer I am now, I can leave a good spirit imprinted on my body.”

However, the day went horribly and Tia claimed she had the tattoo artist revise the stencil three times.

She continued: “The size was incorrect the first time, second was the spacing and then the third it somehow swapped the other way.

“I was not paying attention to the tattoo as I’m soft when it comes to needles and looked away the whole time.”

After seeing the finished tattoo, Tia “instantly broke down in tears” and the staff apologised for the mistake.

The tattoo cost Tia around 1.35 million Indonesian Rupiah (£73). But she did not receive a refund.

Instead, the tattoo artist modified the text and the tattoo now reads:

“Energy of an Angel.”

The OnlyFans model faced accusations that the situation had been faked but she insisted that it was “real”.

Tia added: “My response to this hate is that this is 100 per cent genuine.”

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