Mia Khalifa reveals One Task that remains a ‘Man’s Job’

Mia Khalifa is known for her feminist views but she believes that there is one job that still needs to be done by a man.

Mia Khalifa 'likens' Porn Career to Taylor Swift's Music Legal Disputes

“Nothing makes the feminism leave my body faster"

Mia Khalifa has revealed one job that she believes still needs to be done by a man.

The former adult film star is known for her feminist views and gave a speech at the prestigious Oxford Union.

Explaining how she found herself at the debating society, Mia said:

“I’m humbled and inspired by your passion to instil genuine change in the world and for curating such a diverse list of speakers at your union.

“What you do is incredible and important and I’m honoured to have been on your floor.

“The imposter syndrome was REAL even though I was there to talk about boundaries and confidence and my life experiences, for which you can judge all you want, but I’m at Oxford for what I’ve done with my life since then.”

Despite her strong stance on feminism, there is one task that she is not prepared to do herself.

Mia took to Instagram to share the sense of dread she feels when the service light comes on in a car.

On her Instagram Story, she shared a picture of her car’s interior and wrote:

“Nothing makes the feminism leave my body faster than service lights on a car – this is a man’s job.”

Mia Khalifa reveals One Task that remains a 'Man's Job' f

Mia Khalifa previously exposed men who asked her for nude photos.

On OnlyFans, Mia posts revealing photos and videos but she is never nude. This has led to criticism from some users because she previously appeared in porn.

One fan posted a tweet asking whether anyone could find old posts where Mia put down men.

The fan wrote: “Wait does anyone have the @ for that Twitter account where Mia Khalifa degrades men who get upset with her for not posting nudes on OnlyFans or something?

“I know I’ve seen it before but can’t find it.”

Eager to help the fan, Mia reposted the tweet on her Instagram and wrote:

“It was an IG [Instagram] and IG deleted it. Do we bring back LiveFromMyOF?”

Mia took the opportunity to expose those who complain that she does not show enough flesh on the platform.

One comment revealed one man asking to see Mia without any underwear.

Mia fired back: “Can you show me what scum raised such pathetic scum? Please.”

The influencer returned home after spending a few weeks in the UK, where she revealed her dream home.

It was a farmhouse in the Cotswolds currently owned by fashion journalist Plum Sykes.

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