Bollywood inspired Workwear that Looks Great

Working that 9-5 can really take its toll on us women. But adding a bit of style into your workwear wardrobe can make it that little bit more bearable!

Work Wear Wardrobe Essentials

Shraddha Kapoor shows us just how it’s done in her lilac blazer

Nothing is more difficult than figuring out how to master your workwear wardrobe.

Dressing right in the working world is crucial if you want to make a lasting impression.

Looking stylish can also make that 9-5 less of a chore and nobody makes looking chic and smart as easy as our Bollywood girls.

But how do they manage to get it spot on? Simple, they invest in key, staple clothing pieces.

Choosing the right staple items can not only be cost effective, but versatile, long lasting and incredibly fashionable.

Whether you’re a working mother about to hit the workplace after the 6 week holidays, or if you just fancy a revamp, we have the essential guide to creating the ultimate workwear wardrobe, inspired by Bollywood.

The Little Black Dress

Bollywood inspired Workwear Wardrobe Essential

The LBD works as a blank canvas for your wardrobe. It can be worn as simply or as extravagantly as you please.

The good thing about the LBD is that is goes with absolutely anything!

Just like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, you can wear it as plain as you wish, with no accessories at all.

This provides a simple but chic look, and presents you as a woman who means business!

Of course, you can dramatise your look with statement necklaces and coloured belts to break up the all-black colour palette.

Coloured Tailored Suit

Bollywood inspired Workwear Wardrobe Essential

A sharply cut suit can make any working woman instantly feel like the ultimate professional.

But like Katrina Kaif, you don’t always have to opt for the classic black two-piece.

Alternatively, tones of navy, grey, and beiges can add that extra flare to the classic work suit.

Tightly fitted trousers will allow you to play around with your shoe wear as they are presented more overtly, whilst flared trousers can create an old school vibe to your look.

The Trusty Pencil Skirt

Bollywood inspired Workwear Wardrobe Essential

Pencil skirts enhance your curves, whittle your waists, and make any woman look and feel sexy.

This is a staple workwear item, yet many women fail to integrate it into their wardrobe.

Deepika Padukone shows us exactly how to rock a figure hugging pencil skirt, whilst simultaneously looking stylish and chic.

For the more confident women, bold colours, like Deepika’s red, will instantly make you stand above the rest.

If you’re more of an introvert, don’t worry! Nudes and whites will create a more subtle look for your wardrobe, but still provide the same effect.

The Simple White Shirt

Bollywood inspired Workwear Wardrobe Essential

Like the LBD, a white shirt is extremely versatile, and can be accessorised depending on your personal preference.

Priyanka Chopra knows just how to work it, and pairs her tailored white shirt with beige cigarette pants to complete her avatar.

You could also wear it over your LBD to create a two-piece look, under your coloured blazer, or with a pencil skirt.

Wrap-styled shirts cinch in at the waist and create the illusion of curves, whilst stretchable shirts are perfect for those ladies who are body conscious.

A fitted shirt will hug you in all the right places, and mould a clean, fresh look for the workplace.

The Blazer

Bollywood inspired Workwear Wardrobe Essential

Fashion has evolved in recent years, and has provided a selection of different styles for some of the most basic clothing items, such as the blazer.

Coming in different lengths, cuts, and styles, blazers can look good on any body type.

Shraddha Kapoor shows us just how it’s done in her lilac number, paired with that classic white shirt and leather skirt.

A good blazer can make a simple outfit stylish, polished, and most of all, professional.

But remember, a crucial part of buying that perfect blazer is to get it tailored. It should be fitted across the shoulders at a comfortable tightness.

The sleeves should also reach your mid-thumb when your arms are positioned in front of you.

Bollywood inspired Workwear Wardrobe Essentials

Accessorising is the secret to moulding a fashionable wardrobe for any occasion, whether it’s a boardroom meeting or just a normal day at the office.

You don’t need to swamp yourself in lavish jewels though. Just a simple ring or necklace can do wonders for your look.

Handbags are also great if you want to make a grand entrance. Kareena Kapoor knows all too well how a statement handbag can reinvent an outfit.

A large statement necklace will draw attention away from the face, perfect for sluggish break out days. Alternatively, a set of detailed earrings would create a flare to your face.

Shoe wear is also crucial.

Depending on your work dress code, wearing heels instantly sets off an outfit, as well as elongating your legs and providing you with great posture.

Stilettos aren’t popular within the workplace, as they give off a bad impression. Heels over 3 inches should also be avoided.

Looking stylish at work is an important factor for women everywhere. Finding the right style for your job is also essential.

Whether you work in an office environment, or have more of a manual role, there really is no reason not to look good.

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

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