Sunil Gavaskar on how Financial Security Affects Cricketers

Former Indian cricket captain Sunil Gavaskar has opened up about how financial security affects the performances of Indian cricketers.

Sunil Gavaskar talks the Effects of Financial Security on Players f

“Today that worry or fear is not there."

Former Indian cricket captain Sunil Gavaskar has given his opinion on the effects financial security has on cricketers.

According to Gavaskar, batsmen are less afraid to go “bang-bang” nowadays, due to the financial security provided by T20 leagues.

The former skipper believes that players are more aggressive on the pitch now than during the times he played.

In a recent conversation, Gavaskar responded to a question asking if current batsmen play more aggressively now due to better protective equipment.

Although he says it played a part, Sunil Gavaskar believes it is the financial “cushion” from a T20 that encourages players.

Speaking in a public conversation with Ashis Ray, organised by The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) London, Gavaskar said:

“It is not just the protective gear. I think it is the cushion that they have in terms of the T20 leagues that they can be part of.

“When we played, whatever income we got, 500 rupees or when I finished playing cricket, it was 5,000 rupees for a Test match, that was extra income for us.”

Sunil Gavaskar went on to say that modern cricketers have less fear about being dropped from Test teams because they have other leagues to fall back on.

Speaking of his own experiences as a cricketer, he said:

“If we didn’t do well, we were dropped from the Test team.

“We had to go back to our jobs – with Tatas, Railways, Air India, Steel Authority of India – nine to five jobs.

“Today that worry or fear is not there.

“You have the IPL, the Big Bash, there is also the Hundred.

“Though Big Bash and Hundred don’t pay as much, there is that cushion. So there is not a worry.”

“The batsman thinks, ‘I’ll go bang-bang. So what if I score quick runs, I get out. Never mind’.

“That cushion is a mental thing. Why would you go bang-bang unless you know you have got something waiting for you.

“That is the way I look at it.”

Sunil Gavaskar is very vocal about his opinions towards the current Indian cricket team.

Speaking of their performance in their recent Test match, Gavaskar believes that India has given England a “psychological blow”.

According to Gavaskar, England is too reliant on Joe Root’s innings. Therefore, they need to put in a “superhuman effort” to bounce back and beat India.

India will face England in the third Test beginning on Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

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Image courtesy of The Indian Express

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