Mia Khalifa ‘degrades’ OnlyFans Users who request Nude Pics

Mia Khalifa has taken to social media to expose OnlyFans users who send inappropriate messages to try and ask for nude photos and videos.

Mia Khalifa 'degrades' OnlyFans Users who request Nude Pics f

"Can you show me what scum raised such pathetic scum?"

Mia Khalifa has shared OnlyFans messages to expose men who ask her for nude photos.

Since quitting porn, Mia has become a popular influencer. She is also not afraid to hit back at her haters.

One fan posted a tweet asking whether anyone could find old posts where Mia put down men.

The fan wrote: “Wait does anyone have the @ for that Twitter account where Mia Khalifa degrades men who get upset with her for not posting nudes on OnlyFans or something?

“I know I’ve seen it before but can’t find it.”

Eager to help the fan, Mia reposted the tweet on her Instagram and wrote:

“It was an IG [Instagram] and IG deleted it. Do we bring back LiveFromMyOF?”

On OnlyFans, Mia posts revealing photos and videos but she is never nude. This has led to criticism from some users because she previously appeared in porn.

She then posted comments from angry men who expected nudity in her $12.999 a month charge.

Live From My OnlyFans was a series created by Mia which gained massive popularity from her followers.

Mia has taken the opportunity to expose those who complain that she does not show enough flesh on the platform.

One comment revealed one man asking to see Mia without any underwear.

Mia fired back: “Can you show me what scum raised such pathetic scum? Please.”

Another exchange of messages saw a man say:

“Let’s see you get naked and getting f****d already.”

Mia responded: “Let’s see you fall asleep in a pile of rubble, bulldozed onto a dump truck, and dropped into a landfill already.”

Mia Khalifa 'degrades' OnlyFans Users who request Nude Pics

Mia Khalifa is frequently subjected to trolling but she is quick to fire back.

She was previously invited to give a talk at the prestigious Oxford Union.

Although the appearance was unexpected, Mia received praise.

However, some criticised the appearance, with one man writing:

“They be inviting anybody to Oxford.”

Mia replied with a blunt putdown:

“They didn’t invite u, b***h.”

In August 2019, Mia spoke about the reality of the adult film industry.

She said: “Everyone watches porn.

“It affects relationships, and porn addiction is very prevalent – the things men see in the videos and expect from the women in their lives is not reality.

“No one is going to do those acts on a Wednesday night with the ones they love.

“I wanted to do porn as my dirty little secret, but it blew up in my face. It was terrifying.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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