Mia Khalifa partners with Wiz Khalifa for Surprising Project

Fans were thrilled after it was revealed Mia Khalifa was partnering with Wiz Khalifa for a surprising new project.

Mia Khalifa partners with Wiz Khalifa for Surprising Project f

“They wanna smoke Khalifa."

Mia Khalifa has unveiled a surprising new project, with delighted fans calling it a “teenage dream come true”.

The former adult film star announced she was collaborating with rapper Wiz Khalifa to produce a product that would take fans to new heights.

On social media, the two Khalifas looked stylish in turquoise and teal tones.

It was revealed that they are set to push their own signature blend of cannabis.

The collaboration is believed to be a promotion for Khalifa Kush, a cannabis brand founded by Wiz Khalifa in 2012, with Mia no stranger to a smoke.

On Twitter, Wiz wrote: “Y’all are gonna LOVE this Khalifa Kush collab I got coming with Mia Khalifa.”


The joint venture was also announced on Instagram, with Wiz writing:

“They wanna smoke Khalifa.”

Referencing the third Khalifa, Mia replied:

“Burj Khalifa punching the air right now.”

Wiz later commented: “She’s hella cool.”

His comment was followed by the CND, mushroom and peace finger emojis.

The announcement quickly went viral and fans expressed their excitement at the new venture.

One user said: “Finally, the Khalifa link-up we needed.”

Another wrote: “Teenage dream come true.”

A fan commented: “I’ve waited so long for this.”

Expressing that they have waited a long time for the collaboration, a netizen said:

“Been waiting for this crossover for like 10 years.”

Another was impressed and said:

“I always said this as a joke for them to cross paths, but now it happened and they got the dopest pic.”

One joked: “Keeping up with the Khalifas.”

Others said the picture would have been better if it was taken at Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Wiz Khalifa often raps about his cannabis brand, nicknamed ‘KK’ in his songs.

But the new venture with Mia is set to put the brand on the map.

When first entering the adult film industry, Mia took on the Khalifa name in homage to the rapper as she was a fan of his songs.

Although she has left the industry, Mia continues to have a massive reach on social media.

Mia Khalifa partners with Wiz Khalifa for Surprising Project

She recently raised temperatures when she revealed that she had her belly button pierced. Mia lifted up her top to show off the new piercing while also flashing some underboob.

Mia Khalifa also donated £118,000 to charity after her OnlyFans account proved to be a big hit.

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