Indian Man chopped up Live-in Partner & Boiled Remains

In a gruesome incident, an Indian man killed his 36-year-old live-in partner, chopped up her body and boiled some of her remains.

Indian Man chopped up Live-in Partner & Boiled Remains f

many of the victim's remains are still missing.

A 56-year-old Indian man has been arrested for killing his live-in partner at their apartment in Mumbai.

After killing her, he chopped up her body and boiled her remains.

To get rid of the evidence, it was reported that he placed some of her remains in bags to dispose of. He also fed some of her remains to stray dogs in the area.

Police discovered the remains of 36-year-old Saraswati Vaidya in buckets and bowls in flat 704 at Geeta Akash Deep building in Mira Road in Mumbai.

She and 56-year-old Manoj Sahani had been staying at the apartment since 2020.

Neighbours complained about a foul smell coming from the couple’s flat and subsequently called the police.

Officers entered the apartment to discover the remains.

Empty air freshener cans were also found in different rooms.

According to the police, the smell was so pungent that it was difficult for the police to carry out the search operation.

It was reported that after Sahani killed his partner, he obtained a tree cutter and used it to chop her body into more than 20 pieces.

Deputy police commissioner Jayant Bajbale said they believe Sahani cut Saraswati’s body into pieces to make it easier for him to dispose them of.

Police said he boiled her remains in a pressure cooker and later put them into plastic bags.

It is believed that the remains have been in the apartment for around four days.

While officers discovered body parts in the apartment, many of the victim’s remains are still missing.

Police believe these remains were disposed of in different parts of the city and fed to stray dogs.

During questioning, Sahani said his partner consumed poison on June 4, 2023.

He said he entered the flat to find her dead body with foam coming from her mouth.

Sahani claimed that Saraswati took her own life and said he chopped up her body because he feared he would be arrested for abetment to suicide.

A police officer said: “We found both feet of the victim in the kitchen which he was about to boil.

“Since Vaidya was an orphan, Sahani said he was confident that no one would inquire about her.

“We are trying to ascertain his claim that the woman consumed poison.”

Sahani met the victim 16 years ago at a shop where he worked. They belonged to the same community and later got into a relationship.

While the reason for the murder has not been confirmed, officers believe the couple would often argue as Sahani suspected his partner of cheating on him, which may have led to the murder.

Neighbours said the couple kept to themselves, adding that the door of their flat did not even have a nameplate.

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