Indian Man murders Pregnant Live-in Partner

An Indian man from Maharashtra murdered his live-in partner. It was discovered that the man strangled the pregnant victim to death.

Indian Man murders Pregnant Live-in Partner f

“I am suffering from depression and have committed a murder."

An Indian man has been arrested after he confessed to murdering his pregnant live-in partner on Saturday, August 15, 2020.

The 27-year-old had walked into a police station and told officers that he strangled his 24-year-old partner to death.

According to officers, the incident took place at Koregaon village in Shirur, approximately 60 kilometres from Pune, Maharashtra.

Police identified the man as Kiran Funde, who works for a private company in a local industrial cluster.

The victim was named Sonamani Soren and she also worked for a private company. Funde told police that he had been in a live-in relationship with Sonamani for the past few months.

Police officers explained that Funde walked into Ranjangaon Police Station on Saturday at around 6:30 pm in a state of panic.

He asked the officers for some paper and a pen which he then used to confess to murdering his girlfriend.

Funde wrote: “I am suffering from depression and have committed a murder. Please hang me.”

The Indian man then handed over the paper to the station duty officer and also gave him the key to his rented apartment. He also gave the officer the address.

A team of police officers rushed to the spot and entered the apartment.

They found a woman lying unresponsive in the corner of the room. She was later declared dead.

As a result, a case of murder was registered against Funde and he was formally arrested.

Funde explained that he and Sonamani had been in a live-in relationship and had recently discovered that she was pregnant.

He wanted her to have an abortion but she refused. As a result, the couple would frequently get into arguments.

At around 3 pm on Saturday, the couple had another row over the matter which led to Funde becoming angry.

He ended up strangling her to death in a fit of rage.

When he calmed down, Funde realised what he had done and went to the police station to confess.

Sub-Inspector Shubhangi Kute stated that the sequence of events as told by Funde will be investigated and the autopsy report of Sonamani will provide officers with more information.

In another incident, a man murdered his live-in partner after she found out that he married another woman. When she threatened to reveal his relationship to his wife, he killed her and dumped her body.

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