Adult Star left Furious over removal of OnlyFans Content in Hijab

OnlyFans star Aaliyah Yasin was left furious after the platform removed over 300 pieces of content, all of which saw her wearing a Hijab.

Adult Star left Furious over removal of OnlyFans Content in Hijab f

"So that's big reputational damage for me."

Aaliyah Yasin, who is one of the top British Pakistani adult stars, has claimed that OnlyFans deliberately removed over 300 pictures and videos of her.

All of the adult content saw her wearing a Hijab or other traditional Pakistani outfits.

Also known as ThatBritishG1rl, Aaliyah expressed her shock after the content was taken down without explanation.

Aaliyah said she felt “bullied and discriminated against”.

Although she did not hear a response from OnlyFans, her tweets about the incident went viral and the removed content appeared to have been restored.

But Aaliyah’s account has been left in a mess and she still has not been told why the content was removed.

An OnlyFans spokesperson said: “All content moderation decisions are made fairly in accordance with our policies and procedures and all creators have a formal right to appeal.”

When the content was restored, it was without tags and seemingly demonetised.

OnlyFans only offered Aaliyah technical solutions and an apology for the issues caused but there has still been no explanation as to why the content was taken down.

Adult Star left Furious over removal of OnlyFans Content in Hijab

Aaliyah told Daily Star: “I’ve lost out on income for the two days where one of my viral videos was taken down with Sahara Knite.

“I’ve lost income on those because that’s been a highly tipped post and people couldn’t get the video, so they were paying for the video and couldn’t get it because OnlyFans removed it.

“So that’s big reputational damage for me.

“I want to see an official explanation from OnlyFans as to why this happened. Why was I targeted?

“I want reassurance in the future that this won’t come back to bite me on the a** because them restoring my content isn’t then going to pull me up on loads of other violations because they didn’t put the right tags back on or they didn’t put the right thing back in place.

“I don’t want to be a victim again in terms of a little moderator going wild and deciding that they’re going to just remove this person’s content.

“I’m p***ed off at OnlyFans at the fact that they don’t recognise how much of a detriment this has on me.”

Aaliyah claims that 95% of her content would have been removed had she not gone public about what was happening.

According to Aaliyah, it was only when she tweeted OnlyFans CEO Amrapali Gan that the removals suddenly stopped.

She added: “I run this thing myself – I’m working when I wake up to when I go to bed.

“For them to throw this at me, you can imagine the stress I was under.”

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