OnlyFans Model raises temperatures with Racy Bikini Pic

Yasmina Khan, Britain’s top Bengali OnlyFans model, raised temperatures on Instagram with a racy bikini picture.

OnlyFans Model raises temperatures with Racy Bikini Pic f

“You are the sexiest girl Yasmina.”

Britain’s most popular Bengali OnlyFans model was labelled the “sexiest” after posting a raunchy bikini photo of herself on a sunbed on a roof.

Yasmina Khan shot to fame in 2022 when it was revealed she was earning £250,000 a year on OnlyFans.

As well as posting X-rated content on the platform, Yasmina also wows her fans with pictures on Instagram.

The 26-year-old, who admitted to having a sex dream about Rishi Sunak two weeks before he became Prime Minister, has now sent temperatures soaring with her latest picture.

Yasmina was seen on a sunbed wearing nothing but a skimpy white bikini.

Although it is not known where she was, Yasmina was clearly enjoying the sunshine as she posed with her toned derrière in the air.

Seemingly excited to go on holiday soon, Yasmina wrote:

“Can’t wait to be in the sun again in a few weeks.”

The post left fans breathless.

One wrote: “Oh my god, you are so sexy, I love your body.”

Another commented: “You are the sexiest girl Yasmina.”

A third said: “Suns out, bums out.”

Other users called her “gorgeous” and “beautiful”.

OnlyFans Model raises temperatures with Racy Bikini Pic

Although Yasmina has become one of Britain’s top OnlyFans models, she actually went viral at the age of 17.

Yasmina had posted a picture of herself sitting inside a car and waving goodbye after she was apparently caught pleasuring herself.

Under the fake name ‘Abdulla Bin Raju’, she wrote:

“My mum caught me f*******g myself and now I’m getting sent back to Bangladesh.

“Goodbye UK. I’ll miss you all.”

This was one of the first massively viral tweets on the platform, racking up thousands of retweets and likes.

Yasmina recalled: “I went viral, and I still have people messaging me about it.

“I was around 17 at the time – it was an absolute joke and didn’t happen, obviously.

“I was on LadBible, and I still get people asking me and calling me a ‘f****ng icon’.

“So, when I started doing OnlyFans, I was quite lucky because I had around 10,000 followers on Twitter because of it.

“It does pop up now and then, which gets people wondering, so it’s fun to be like ‘I’m a porn star now’.”

Although her profession is frowned upon in her community, Yasmina has received messages from people saying that they look up to her.

She said: “Every single day, I get DMs from girls, even guys saying that I’m an inspiration and that they just want to break free and do what they want.

“But they don’t want to upset their parents and their parents are really strict on them.

“I get asked for advice and I try to be there as much as possible.

“I’ve always been rebellious – my parents were always very strict, and that’s why I rebelled. You just have to have confidence, and you just gotta have the I don’t care what anyone thinks mentality.

“You got one life – live it.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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