Birmingham Toddler aged 3 declared Mensa Genius

A three-year-old toddler from Birmingham has become a Mensa genius after achieving a high score and impressing her assessor.

Birmingham Toddler aged 3 declared Mensa Genius f

"Dayaal far exceeded any provision they could provide."

A three-year-old toddler from Birmingham has been declared a Mensa genius.

Dayaal Kaur, of Great Barr, scored 142 in the admission test, not far below Albert Einstein’s estimated score.

Her father Sarbjit Singh said he realised early on that he was raising a child genius, when he and his daughter could chat before she was even out of nappies.

Sarbjit said: “It’s like having a Bentley and not being able to drive.

“I remember one day when Dayaal was around 13 months, I said the number ‘one’ and she replied with ‘two’ so I said ‘three’ and she said ‘four’ and this carried on all the way to 15!

“She would get jokes and tell me how she was feeling, saying ‘sun’ when the sun was in her eyes at an age when you’d think she wouldn’t really know what the sun was.

“She could recite the alphabet around 14 months and could name all the planets, aged two, and regularly asked us questions we had to Google the answer to!

“I’ve always talked to Dayaal in an adult way, not using baby talk and no matter what I said to her she’d understand, from popping something into the bin to going to get a nappy.

“She could follow adult films like The Martian and understand the plot and the funny bits.

“We’d be in a supermarket and she’d strike up a conversation at the till, asking people about their kids and how old they were.

“People would turn to me and ask how old she was and I’d say two.”

When Dayaal started nursery, Sarbjit’s beliefs were confirmed.

He revealed: “The nursery manager wrote us a letter saying Dayaal far exceeded any provision they could provide.

“She said in 15 years of childcare she’d never come across a child like her who was not just academic but sociable with a sense of humour too.”

Sarbjit and his wife Rajvinder arranged for a Mensa test on October 3, 2020.

As the test was online due to the pandemic, the parents had to leave the room while one of Mensa’s head psychologists Lynn Kendall assessed Dayaal.

They were stunned to find out that their daughter’s intelligence was in the top 0.01% for her age.

Sarbjit explained: “We sat outside the room by the stairs and all we could hear was Lynn Kendall laughing with Dayaal and, when we came back in, she said you need to sit down for this.

“She explained that Mensa only accepts the top five per cent in the UK and she said that Dayaal was in the top 0.01 per cent.

“She said that put her in the top tier of the top tier. She said that her IQ was 142 at the age of three.

“Apparently Einstein’s top IQ was 160 and I’m not sure how old he was when that was measured.

“She said that Dayaal really is extraordinary, that she’s a warm girl with an amazing sense of fun.”

“She said it’s a real novelty to meet someone who had such a high IQ that was so down to earth.”

Locals praised Dayaal’s achievement and since her admission into Mensa, Dayaal was offered a place at an Edgbaston private school at a reduced scholarship fee.

However, despite the discount, Sarbjit said the fees remain out of their reach.

Dayaal has now been accepted into a local primary school.

Sarbjit is currently pushing for her to be moved up a school year to ensure she is challenged in her learning.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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