Gordon Ramsay gets Twitter Backlash for Medu Vada Insult

Gordon Ramsay has hit headlines after insulting a picture of Medu Vada, Sambar and Nariyal chutney. His comment has received a wave of backlash.

Gordon Ramsay gets Twitter Backlash for Medu Vada Insult

"Watch out man, that's everyday food for half of southern India!"

Celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay received a wave of backlash after brutally criticising a plate of Medu Vada, Sambar and Nariyal chutney on social media.

He made the cutting remark on Thursday 6th April 2017 after a fan submitted a picture of the food to him on Twitter.

Recently, Gordon Ramsey has offered his critiques on fan-submitted pictures of food. While many found his remarks amusing, he received criticism for insulting Indian food.

The fan, named as Rameez on the social media website, posted a picture of Medu Vada, Sambar and Nariyal chutney, served on a silver tray.

Rameez asked the TV chef to give his thoughts on the dish. Gordon replied in his usual, brutal fashion:

While the post received over 380,000 likes and 160,000 retweets, some remained unimpressed with the comment.

A Twitter user named Godhoonbey tweeted back: “Well at least this prison food tastes a lot better than your half cooked steaks.”

SlobKebab gave a warning to Gordon Ramsey about the insult, saying: “Watch out man, that’s everyday food for half of southern India!”

Meanwhile, others appeared confused with the remark, unsure as to why the TV chef would compare it to prison food. Others offered an explanation, saying Gordon Ramsey insulted the presentation rather than the actual food.

While many appear outraged with the comment, Rameez himself handled it well. He even seemed pleased that the celebrity chef acknowledged the food in the first place. He revealed to DNA:

“I was expecting it. Anyone who’s spent enough time on the internet knows what they’re in for when they send him a food picture. I wanted a hilarious response and I got it.”

Meanwhile, if Gordon Ramsay felt affected by the wave of criticism, it hasn’t stopped him. Fans continue to send him images of food found online or dishes they have made themselves. And the TV chef continues to reveal his true opinions:

But Rameez makes a fair point. If you’re going to send pictures of food to Gordon Ramsay, can you really expect the blunt chef to praise it?

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Images courtesy of Gordon Ramsay and Rameez's Twitters.