Amir Khan claims Model tried to Extort £20k from Him

Amir Khan’s management team contacted DESIblitz to respond to claims that he “begged” a model to send him racy photos.

Amir Khan claims Model tried to Extort £20k from Him f

"She then started sending me pictures of her in g-strings"

After a model claimed Amir Khan “begged” her to send him revealing pictures, the retired boxer has responded to the allegations.

Amir’s management team contacted DESIblitz to respond to the allegations. Amir Khan, who is in Dubai, also gave an interview with Geo TV on the matter.

Twenty-five-year-old model, Sumaira, claimed that Amir messaged her online and complimented her tattoos.

Subsequently, the conversation allegedly heated up, with Amir said to have asked Sumaira to send him racy pictures of herself.

She also alleged that Amir tried to persuade her to join him on a night out in London.

Amir’s management team responded, saying that Sumaira tried to blackmail him in a bid to get £20,000 from him.

According to Amir, the pair did speak in a series of now-deleted messages.

The former British boxer claims that the conversation started off normal, with Sumaira allegedly telling Amir that she did not like her family.

Amir then asked about her tattoos. He said:

“I asked about the tattoo she’s got as she’s Muslim. She said she doesn’t follow Islam and doesn’t care about what people say about her.”

According to the statement, Sumaira then started sending the ex-boxer racy pictures and talking about wanting a “boob job”.

“She then started sending me pictures of her in g-strings and a bra on.

“She said she wanted a boob job as they were tiny and sent the pictures.

“All I replied was nice g-string you look good in it. But really wasn’t something I was impressed by. To be honest it put me off.”

Amir admitted he said he “can’t stop looking” but insisted that it was because Sumaira asked him to say it.

Amir Khan claims Model tried to Extort £20k from Him

The model then sent more pictures of herself.

Things allegedly took a turn when Sumaira appeared to ask Amir Khan to send her £20,000.

When Amir asked why, she said she wanted surgery on her hand due to one being bigger than the other.

Amir said: “I said I can’t give you any money. Go get a job and it’s wrong you want money.

“I said to her it’s like you’re being an escort.

“She replied I know. I do that sometimes. I was shocked as she was Muslim and as a joke I asked what her rate was and she said £40 an hour only outcall.”

Amir claimed that Sumaira only spoke to the media because he refused to give her the money.

The Olympic silver medalist stated that he stopped messaging her and insisted he would not go anywhere near her.

He also dismissed claims that he was only with Faryal Makhdoom as part of a business arrangement, stating that he is happily married.

“I told her I am happily married. Not once did we speak about me and Faryal being together for the TV show.

“I think all my followers on social media know we are together and very happy.

“I reacted to the pictures out of the blue she sent me because I wanted to not upset her. But it wasn’t something you would take a look at twice.

“I also said to her sort your life out. You’re a Muslim girl I’m sure your family will help you.”

“She said her father is a drug taker and her mother is a housewife and she and her sister used to escort before but had to stop as people in the area started to find out.

“She told me not to tell anyone as I have a huge following. But I would not have until she did this.

“She begged to see me many times and asked when will I be in the UK. I told her, but it was not to arrange a meetup, it was just a question she asked.”

Amir Khan claims Model tried to Extort £20k from Him 2

Amir Khan added that he was just being nice and Sumaira escalated things, stating that she gives “women a bad name”.

“I ended our conversation by telling her that I’m happily married.

“And yes in all relationships, you have ups and downs but we (Amir and Faryal) are cool in Dubai together with the kids.

“I feel sorry for people like Sumaira for what they do.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

Images courtesy of Amir Khan & Sumzz.Beauty Instagram

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