Can Therapy help Amir Khan to Stop Sexting Women?

Is Amir Khan struggling with sexting addiction? Join us as we discover how therapy could help him break free from harmful habits.

Can Therapy help Amir Khan to Stop Sexting Women? - F

“You get bored and start making mistakes.”

Amir Khan, the former world champion boxer, has made headlines with his habit of sexting other women, raising questions about his potential struggle with sexting addiction.

His marriage with Faryal Makhdoom has been marred by allegations of infidelity in the past.

Faryal recently confronted Amir after reading a story about his explicit messages to a model.

Acknowledging his mistakes and the hurt he has caused his wife, Amir Khan has now offered his apologies and said that he is open to taking professional help.

Join us as we explore the concept of sexting addiction, the role of therapy in addressing it, and whether therapy could help Amir Khan find a path towards rebuilding his marriage.

Sexting Addiction

Can Therapy help Amir Khan to Stop Sexting Women? - 6Sexting addiction is a compulsive and excessive behaviour of engaging in sexually explicit messaging, sharing intimate content, or seeking connections with others through digital platforms.

This form of behavioural addiction can lead to significant consequences in personal relationships and emotional well-being.

In a recent incident, Amir Khan sent flirtatious messages to a bridal model named Sumaira.

The messages, which began with compliments on Sumaira’s tattoos, quickly escalated to explicit content.

Furious about the exchange, Faryal Makhdoom chastised Amir, questioning why he would seek the company of other women when he had a “diamond” at home.

Amir admitted that his actions were regrettable and that he had disrespected his wife: “It’s not nice what I’ve done.

“One day my kids will grow up and read this stuff, and it will upset them.”

“I don’t think I was cheating; it was just a few texts. But I regret doing it.

“I can only apologise to Faryal. People have been messaging her about it, saying, ‘Did you see this article?’ — rubbing it in her face. It’s sad.”

Potential of Therapy

Can Therapy help Amir Khan to Stop Sexting Women? - 5The potential of therapy in addressing sexting addiction extends beyond just scratching the surface of the behaviour.

In counselling or psychotherapy, individuals like Amir Khan can benefit from a safe and confidential space to explore the deeper psychological and emotional factors that drive their compulsive sexting habits.

Therapy also serves as a means of breaking cycles of compulsion associated with sexting addiction.

Like other behavioural addictions, sexting can create a repetitive cycle of compulsive behaviour that feels difficult to escape.

Through therapy, individuals can learn coping mechanisms to interrupt these patterns, empowering them to make conscious and healthier choices when faced with triggers or urges to engage in sexting.

Another significant aspect of therapy for sexting addiction is the development of healthy boundaries.

Particularly for public figures like Amir Khan, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries can become challenging.

Therapy can help establish and reinforce these boundaries, not only in the realm of sexting but also in relationships and public interactions, reducing the risk of further inappropriate communications.

Seeking Help

Can Therapy help Amir Khan to Stop Sexting Women? - 4In a candid conversation with The Sun, Amir Khan acknowledged his regrettable actions and their impact on his wife, Faryal.

Expressing his desire to change, he mentioned being open to therapy as a means to stop engaging in inappropriate communication with other women.

Understanding the importance of mental health support, Amir believes therapy could be a step towards redemption:

“That question hasn’t been brought up before. But maybe I do need help to stop myself from messaging other women.

“I am willing to go to therapy to stop sending texts to women who aren’t my wife.

“I think nowadays, with mental health issues, any help goes a long way.

“It’s definitely something I would do. Things like that do help, so maybe it’s something to think about.”

Exploring Underlying Issues

Can Therapy help Amir Khan to Stop Sexting Women? - 3Amir Khan admitted that his actions often stem from boredom and a need for fulfilment after retiring from professional boxing.

Therapy may provide an opportunity for Amir to uncover any deeper issues within himself that may contribute to his impulsive behaviour.

With his professional boxing days behind him, he feels the need to find new avenues for fulfilment and is considering returning to training, participating in exhibitions, and exploring opportunities in television.

Amir shared: “The stupidest thing I did was to comment on this woman’s picture saying ‘nice’.

“I shouldn’t have done it. I have respect for my wife. I think I do these things out of boredom — I don’t think it’s that I can’t help myself.

“You get bored and start making mistakes.”

He added: “If I’m not careful, I will get myself into trouble — especially with the wife.

“She will end up saying, ‘I’ve had enough’. My missus is my queen, and I don’t want to hurt her. Our marriage is great at the moment.”

Relationship Therapy for Amir & Faryal

Can Therapy help Amir Khan to Stop Sexting Women? - 2Given their tumultuous history, relationship therapy could be a valuable intervention for Amir and Faryal to rebuild trust, improve communication, and address past grievances.

This form of therapy focuses on fostering understanding and empathy between partners, creating a safe space for open dialogue and emotional healing.

Faryal, the British-Pakistani socialite, took to Instagram on July 16, 2023, with a detailed note addressing the infidelity row that has become a scandal for their marriage.

She stated: “Amir and Sumaira are both adults who engaged in consented communication.

“They did not consult me when exchanging messages nor did they consider or respect me when building a ‘bond’.

“I will not be dragged through the mud now for not ‘supporting another woman’.

“This woman had no respect or regard for me as a woman and as Amir’s wife.”

“There was also no consideration of my mental health as a result of this entire humiliating ordeal which I would have to deal with and address publicly.”

This isn’t the first time Faryal has had to deal with Amir’s infidelity.

Earlier in 2018, Faryal claimed that Amir no longer cheats on her now that he’s an “old man” but admitted that they have “been through hell and back.”

Challenges & Hopes for Therapy

Can Therapy help Amir Khan to Stop Sexting Women? - 1The challenges that lie ahead for Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom in therapy should not be underestimated.

Addressing sexting addiction and working towards rebuilding a marriage demand unwavering dedication, commitment, and the courage to confront uncomfortable truths.

Both individuals will need to be open and honest about their feelings, vulnerabilities, and past actions, even if it means revisiting painful memories and experiences.

Therapists will play a crucial role in guiding them through this intricate process, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for them to share their thoughts and emotions.

They will need to navigate the complexities of their relationship, addressing the issues that contributed to Amir’s sexting behaviour while also acknowledging any underlying factors that may have triggered Faryal’s reactions.

Amir Khan’s decision to seek therapy for his sexting habit and his commitment to reconciliation with Faryal indicate a readiness for change.

Therapy offers a promising pathway to address sexting addiction and heal the emotional wounds in their marriage.

As they embark on this journey together, the support of mental health professionals can help Amir and Faryal rebuild their relationship on a foundation of trust, respect, and understanding.

With dedication and hard work, they have the opportunity to create a more fulfilling and harmonious future together, both as partners and as parents to their three children.

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