Can Sex Therapy and Sex Toys lead to Good Sex?

When it comes to a good and fulfilling sex life, there are times when help is needed. This is when sex therapy and sex toys can prove to be very beneficial.

Can Sex Therapy and Sex Toys lead to Good Sex

Today, we call it simply ‘being sexually active.’

In the past, sex was a taboo. People were hiding their orientation, scared to act out sexual fantasies, and hardly discussed sexual dissatisfaction arising from poor sexual experiences.

The ones who did not comply – were judged by society and even sent to jail, or killed.

The overriding view was that sexual intercourse was to be used for reproduction only. A view held strong in South Asia.

More than that, people believed that sex is only for young people, and that woman’s orgasm isn’t important since it doesn’t get her pregnant.

In Ancient Greece and the Victorian era in Great Britain, emotional women with sexual desires were considered sick. Doctors even tried to treat something that they called ‘Female Hysteria.’

Today, we call it simply ‘being sexually active.’

The sexual revolution in the 1960s changed everything. In most western countries things like premarital sex, birth control pills and abortions became legal and more importantly, socially accepted.

Nowadays people openly speak about their sexuality. Going to sex therapist became usual practice for many couples and individuals since most people tend to improve their sex lives.

Variety in bed is considered to be one of the most important parts of sex therapy. Doctors recommend sex toys for this purpose.

Indeed, sex toys have so much to offer to their users.

Let’s see how a vibrator can keep the vagina’s elasticity, silicone sex dolls can rescue male potency, and good sex helps to live longer.

Sex for Good Health

Can Sex Therapy and Sex Toys lead to Good Sex - good health

Sex doesn’t only feel good; it has a lot of health benefits. First of all, it is an excellent exercise.

According to a study, men can burn up to 100 calories during sexual intercourse. Meanwhile, women burn around 70 calories.

It also has a good impact on your heart. Sexual intercourse at least twice per week can reduce the risk of heart attack for about 45%.

Every man in a long-term relationship heard at least once in lifetime ‘Darling, not today. I have a headache’. For women, sex is actually a natural anaesthetic since orgasm can release a hormone that raises the pain threshold.

Studies have been conducted in order to prove this. 60% of participants with migraine reported improvements after sexual intercourse.

Sexual interaction can also help with another scourge for humankind – menstrual cramps. So, clitoral or vaginal orgasm can work better than no-spa in some cases.

This simple satisfying pleasure can also improve sleep and increase lifespan. 

A BMJ study suggested that men who regularly ejaculate have a lower risk of death up to 50%.

Sexual intimacy can also be used as an antidepressant since it provides hormones that can improve mood. It also lowers the level of the stress hormone – cortisol and helps to relax.

Passionate sex provides us with the whole package of love hormones – serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin. As a result, it boosts our mood, reduces stress, helps to be more energetic during the day.

According to research conducted in 2011, the high level of oxytocin can improve self-perception. So in other words, sex also helps to boost self-esteem.

Sex keeps both partners healthy. Moreover, it helps to build a deeper relationship since satisfying sexual intercourse can be possible when people are attracted to each other and trust each other.

Problems in Bed?

Can Sex Therapy and Sex Toys lead to Good Sex - problems

It looks like sex is just what the doctor ordered. Everyone needs to find the right person and simply keep going.

However, both men and women have barriers that won’t let them enjoy themselves in bed and get the desirable orgasm.

2% of men and up to 20% of women have never experienced orgasms at all even though they have been in the relationships.

Some people are sexually disconnected from themselves.

Others feel anxiety and depression, which are psychological problems.

There are those who also feel shame when it comes to sex, it makes them feel ‘dirty’. Especially, many people from South Asian cultures who are brought up and made to feel ‘sex is bad’.

There are also a lot of physical causes of sexual dysfunction, such as diabetes, liver failure, hormonal imbalances.

There is also another problem that is called ‘sexual boredom.’ People in long-term relationships experience this a lot.

Years of being together and having sex in the same positions lead to mechanical coitus that is not as satisfying as a passionate one. The body can feel relaxed, but there is not hormone release.

That is where sex therapy is needed.

What is Sex Therapy?

Can Sex Therapy and Sex Toys lead to Good Sex - sex therapy

Sex therapy is a strategy that helps to treat sexual dysfunction and improve sexual intercourse. It requires an individual approach since there are different symptoms.

Sessions with a sex therapist can help with erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, painful intercourse, and orgasmic problems.

Individuals can attend the meetings alone or with their partners.

Usually, the sex therapist is the one who leads the whole conversation since patients might feel uncomfortable to reveal the details of their sex life.

The sex therapist can also teach the couple how to talk about sexual fantasies with each other.

All sex therapists give homework to their clients. It usually includes practice since it is the best way to learn and explore own sexuality.

In order to spark passion in your long-term relationship, both partners need to experience some uncertainty and novelty. They also need to leave room for mystery.

But how can partners do it when they live under one roof, raise children together and have a lot of work every day?

In the case of sexual boredom when partners don’t feel excited during intercourse, a sex therapist can prescribe sex toys.

The acceptance of sex toys in the bedroom is becoming more naturalised.

Stores like Ann Summers in the UK are selling them in a more ‘casual’ manner amongst other products rather than the once ‘seedy’ and under-the-counter sales approach in adult shops.

Sex toys have even become popular in countries like India albeit they cannot be sold in shops publically, as it is not legal. Therefore, a dramatic increase in the online sale of sex toys in South Asian countries is being seen as a growing trend.

How can Sex Toys improve Sex?

Can Sex Therapy and Sex Toys lead to Good Sex - sex toys

There are a number of ways sex toys can help and improve a dormant and dull sex life. They add another dimension to lovemaking and even some fun and novelty.

Spice Up a Solo Sex Routine

Individuals are more than welcome to use sex toys in order to satisfy themselves without other people’s assistant.

Masturbation can help reduce sexual tension and aid relaxation.

There are so many advanced forms of masturbation that one can experience only by using sex toys.

Men can try realistic sex dolls, silicone vaginas, anal toys, penis rings, and prostate toys.

For women, the market is full of toys such as G-spot stimulators, clitoral pumps, eggs, bullets, finger, and classical vibrators.

There is even an invention that is called the ‘sex machine’. It is a phallus that is attached to a motor.

High Chance of Orgasm

Some partners have different speed. Someone likes long foreplay while another person gets the orgasm straight away.

This ‘schedule difference’ during sexual intercourse can leave someone (who needs more time) behind.

Women need at least twenty minutes of sexual intercourse to climax. Also, not all women can have a vaginal orgasm, so their partners need to provide additional clitoral stimulation.

Let’s not forget that some men also need extra stimulation just as much as women in order to ejaculate. That’s where sex toys can be helpful.


Using sex toys can be pretty stressful for people who don’t have much experience.

So, partners need to support each other during the whole process.

Bringing extra stimulators to the bed can open the discussion about deeply personal fantasies, and it can help partners to show that they trust each other.

The use of sex toys can lead to creating new and intimate experiences with the use of the newly built trust between partners.


Trying new ways of getting sexual satisfaction is important because you can discover something you didn’t know about your body before.

It also spices up things in bed and makes the relationship more special.

Some people can’t state that they like anal sex and sex swings, or want to be possessive in bed because they have never tried it or they are just afraid to say about their fantasies.

Sex toys can defuse tensions. Partners can bring toys in bed and show their desires without saying a word.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Some women lack hormone estrogen. As a result, they can experience atrophy, vaginal tightness, and vaginal dryness.

It usually happens after gynaecological surgery, childbirth and during menopause.

In these cases sexual intercourse becomes painful. It also leads to a decreased sex drive. Therefore, the introduction of sex toys can rescue the situation.

A vibrator can help to improve the elasticity of vaginal walls and improve sexual sensation.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Some men are not able to have an erection during sexual intercourse. It happens when men are stressed, have psychological barriers or may suffer from a physical illness like diabetes.

The use of male sex toys can definitely help with issues of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

There are a lot of sex toys in the market that can help to treat men’s inability.

For example, penis or cock rings, are known to assist with blood flow to the male genitals to help the man sustain his erection. They can also help with delaying ejaculation.

Vibrating ones which have a small vibrator attached to them are known to give amazing stimulation to the partner.

Finding the right type for your girth can be an experimental process but they help rejuvenate a sex life which was perhaps not possible before. 

Male sex toys users are less likely to have a problem with getting an erection if they decide to use masturbation as a good practice, accompanied by toys like silicone dolls, blow job simulators or masturbation sleeves.

Show your Love

All people want to be loved. And they want their partners to care for them.

Using sex toys can help one to show how important the other person is.

Sex helps to build an emotional connection, so it is not the place where people can be selfish. Sexual intercourse is the activity for two (supposedly), so making another person happy is a crucial point here.

Sex has a lot of health benefits, and it can be one of the greatest physical joy that people can have.

Sex therapy can be a good remedy for many individuals and couples who need additional assistance. A sex therapist can direct clients and help to overcome psychological barriers that don’t let people enjoy themselves in bed.

Sex toys are considered to be excellent tools for sex therapy. It can help partners to build trust, show love, spice up routine and get its users desirable orgasms.

Priya adores anything to do with cultural change and social psychology. She loves to read and listen to chilled music to relax. A romantic at heart she lives by the motto 'If you want to be loved, be lovable.'

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