How Indian TV Star Simran Pareenja Lost 10kg in 1.5 Months

TV actress Simran Pareenja has revealed she lost 10 kilograms in just one-and-a-half months. She explained her weight-loss transformation.

How Indian TV Star Simran Pareenja Lost 10kg in 1.5 Months f

"Breakfast is incomplete without eggs"

TV actress Simran Pareenja has lost 10 kilograms in just one-and-a-half months.

She explained that she wanted to lose weight for her upcoming storyline in the show Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein.

Simran plays Gunjan and her relationship with Yogi (played by Mudit Nayar) is heading for a new chapter as they are preparing for their wedding.

The actress said she was asked to lose weight for the wedding story and Simran also wanted to look slim for it. She explained what steps she took to successfully lose the weight.

Simran revealed that before the diet, she weighed 63 kilograms. She is now 53kg.

She said: “Yes, I have lost about 10 kilos and the weight loss process is on. I follow my diet strictly and it is rare that I have ever cheated.

“I have stopped eating carbs completely. I eat mostly protein and fibre-rich foods. I have stopped dairy products at all. I don’t even look at junk food.”

Simran spoke in detail about her daily diet and workout regime.

“As soon as I wake up in the morning, I do yoga for a while. Yes, sometimes because of the shooting schedule, I am unable to do yoga in the morning, so I try to get some time out of the day.

“I don’t eat non-veg at all but I definitely take eggs. Breakfast is incomplete without eggs, as it contains a lot of protein.

“With this, I take bulletproof coffee. As unique as its name is, this coffee is unique. Add a spoon of ghee or butter to this black coffee and drink it.

“It is also called fat-burner-fat. This coffee helped me to lose weight a lot.”

“At lunch, I eat jowar bread, some vegetables and a lot of salad. I like rice a lot, so every day I eat a little of it.

“In the evening, I eat some dry fruits and have green tea. I have soup and vegetable salad at dinner. If I never feel like eating it, then I eat 6-7 boiled eggs shortly before bedtime. This diet is proving very beneficial to me.”

How Indian TV Star Simran Pareenja Lost 10kg in 1.5 Months - weight loss

The actress explained that her character’s upcoming wedding has almost become real-life for her as she explained:

“I regularly do a bridal grooming routine (exercise, beauty treatment, hair, makeup and healthy diet).

“It has become like a real-life wedding for me, where all the women in the house are helping to buy sarees and jewellery.”

Simran Pareenja added: “If I am going to get married in the show, there will be many rituals, music, turmeric, mehndi.

“I want to look good in everything and to be honest, I am a bit chubby, which makes the screen look even thicker.

“So when I came to know that the wedding sequence was going to come, I immediately started working on the diet.

“I have done dieting many times before, but to no avail. However, this time I’m trying and am happy to put the effort in.”

In the show, viewers will see Yogi trying to secretly meet Gunjan and give her surprises. However, his father Mr Prakash will make sure that Yogi and Gunjan do not meet before their wedding.

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