Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’

Discover the allure of minimalistic jewellery as Simran Anand shares her insights and the story behind ‘BySimran’ in an exclusive interview.

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - f

Simran's vision extends beyond just jewellery.

In an exclusive interview with Simran Anand, the visionary founder of BySimran, we delve into the captivating story behind her jewellery brand that seamlessly merges South Asian inspiration with minimalistic designs.

As a first-generation South Asian American, Simran experienced the intricate balance of navigating two cultures, and BySimran emerged as a solution to bridge that gap.

With an array of meticulously handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, each piece showcases a harmonious blend of traditional Desi motifs and contemporary aesthetics.

Simran’s unique vision has cultivated a strong community on TikTok and Instagram, where daily interactions and stunning customer showcases have solidified BySimran’s position as the go-to destination for minimalist Desi jewellery.

With a dedicated following of over 20k across platforms, Simran has successfully fulfilled the desires of countless South Asian women seeking everyday elegance in their cultural adornments.

What South Asian motifs or cultural elements inspire your jewellery designs?

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - 1At BySimran, we showcase South Asian culture by offering anklets, also known as payals or janjhars, and bangles in sets of two.

Unlike in the West, where anklets and bracelets are typically worn on a single foot or wrist, South Asian customs call for the adornment of both feet and hands.

In addition, our iconic “Baby Jhumka” piece reimagines the centuries-old legacy and beauty of traditional Jhumka earrings.

The Baby Jhumka features a smaller size, with a delicate hoop, lightweight design and hypoallergenic materials.

South Asian jewellery tends to get pigeonholed as suitable only for cultural events like a wedding, but with these versatile accessories, you can now embrace the timeless elegance of South Asian culture even with your Western wear.

How do you incorporate the concept of minimalism into your jewellery pieces?

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - 2In our minimalist Desi jewellery brand, we embrace the concept of minimalism by focusing on simplicity and understated South Asian elegance in our jewellery pieces.

My mom used to always tell me, “Beauty needs no ornaments” which has entirely influenced my personal style, as well as the concepts behind BySimran.

We believe that less is more, and our designs reflect this philosophy.

Our pieces are lightweight, dainty, versatile, small, and easy to wear, with the perfect touch of Desi elegance.

We can’t wear saris and lehengas every day, but we can wear baby jhumkas and dainty payals on our feet with our jeans.

How do you ensure that your jewellery designs appeal to both South Asian and non-South Asian customers?

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - 3-2I get this question all the time, “I’m not South Asian/Desi, can I still wear your jewellery?” and I have the same answer every time – absolutely, yes!

We view it as cultural appreciation rather than appropriation, and it’s a step towards the proper representation of South Asian fashion in the West.

We are so happy to see many non-South Asian individuals embracing our jewellery, as it reflects the beauty and intricacies of South Asian culture while maintaining an approachable aesthetic through minimalism.

By styling our pieces with Western clothing, we seamlessly integrate and represent South Asian culture in an accessible and inclusive manner, offering a unique perspective on Desi fashion.

What materials do you use in crafting your jewellery, and why did you choose those materials?

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - 4-2In our jewellery pieces, we prioritise the use of quality materials such as sterling silver, brass, and stainless steel as a base, surrounded by a thick 18k gold plating.

When choosing the materials for my collection, I considered factors such as longevity, resistance to tarnishing, sustainability, affordability, and most importantly, hypoallergenic properties.

Growing up, I personally faced challenges wearing Desi jewellery due to the rashes caused by unknown metals.

Therefore, ensuring 100% hypoallergenic design was a top priority when creating pieces for our brand.

We understand the importance of creating jewellery that is not only visually appealing but also safe and comfortable for all individuals to wear.

By meticulously selecting hypoallergenic, lightweight and sustainable materials, we make sure that our jewellery can be enjoyed by a wider range of customers, free from any concerns.

BySimran is committed to providing a confident and inclusive experience, where individuals can proudly wear our Desi-inspired jewellery without compromising on style or comfort!

How do you ensure that the jewellery pieces you create are suitable for everyday wear?

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - 5Traditional Desi jewellery, although stunning, can often be uncomfortable for everyday wear due to various reasons.

The heaviness of the designs, the sharp edges, the thick posts, and the complexity of the craftsmanship can make them less practical for day-to-day activities.

In my minimalist Desi jewellery, I carefully consider the weight and structure of each piece.

By focusing on lightweight materials with elegant designs, I ensure that the jewellery feels effortless and comfortable when worn for extended periods, just like your go-to hoop earrings.

The absence of sharp edges, dense embellishments, and heavy metals make our jewellery very easy to wear.

Additionally, the simplicity of my designs allows for greater versatility.

You can wear our minimalist Desi jewellery with anything; whether it’s casual wear, professional attire, or formal occasions, this adaptability ensures that my jewellery is not only comfortable but also versatile for everyone’s lifestyle.

What role does social media play in building and engaging with your community?

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - 6Social media has turned my dreams for BySimran into reality.

It has connected me with a vibrant community of people who share a genuine love for our designs.

With over 20k followers and counting across our social media platforms, it’s a wonderful reminder that the world is much larger and more interconnected than we often realise.

The beauty of social media lies in its ability to provide a platform to share our passions and creations with the world, no matter where we are.

Although I live in New York City, living in a big city isn’t a requirement to make your dreams come true, and that’s all thanks to social media and the wide reach it gives us access to.

Sharing my personal journey and showcasing our dainty Desi jewellery designs, I have had the pleasure of connecting with countless individuals who were actively seeking the same thing I was once searching for – Desi jewellery to wear every day.

The support and engagement from our BySimran community have been nothing short of incredible.

It is their encouragement and positive feedback that truly motivates me to keep growing and crafting/curating beautiful and meaningful pieces that truly resonate with our customers.

Social media has become a cherished space for me to creatively shine by putting a face to my brand, connecting with like-minded individuals, and establishing BySimran as a go-to shop for approachable and dainty Desi jewellery.

Could you share a memorable experience involving one of your customers proudly wearing your jewellery?

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - 7I was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania with little diversity, a story familiar to many first-generation South Asian Americans.

Navigating the Western world while embracing my desi culture often led to identity confusion.

It felt like living two lives – a Desi life and an American life.

It was this experience that inspired BySimran, to bridge the gap between these two worlds and proudly integrate South Asian culture into our everyday lives.

Recently, I received a beautiful message from a South Asian woman who started wearing our baby jhumkas and payals with her corporate clothing in her predominantly white, male-dominated workplace.

She shared that our minimalist Desi jewellery, paired with her everyday work outfits, instilled a deep sense of confidence and pride in her culture.

It became a subtle yet powerful statement, empowering her to correct people when they mispronounced her name – a common struggle for many first-generation Americans.

These stories and DMs really resonate with me deeply because they show that the ethos of BySimran is genuinely connecting with our customers and followers.

We strive to create a sense of pride in our culture by seamlessly integrating it into our everyday lives.

It’s truly a “pinch me” moment whenever I see that BySimran has inspired others to embrace their culture and heritage in such a beautiful and authentic way.

What plans do you have for BySimran as a jewellery brand, considering your success with your community so far?

Simran Anand on Minimalistic Jewellery & ‘BySimran’ - 8Exciting plans are underway at BySimran as we expand our jewellery line to include a silver collection (18k White Gold) and introduce new designs as well.

Our goal is to be the go-to brand, offering versatile, minimalist, and accessible Desi jewellery worldwide.

Our goal is to redefine Desi jewellery globally by infusing versatility and minimalism into our designs, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into everyday wardrobes.

I am South Asian, but I am also American, and I want to bridge that once very dominant gap between the two cultures and showcase the beauty of Desi jewellery to the world.

Stay tuned as we unveil our expanded collection, bringing our vision of versatile, minimalist, and accessible Desi jewellery to life.

I am so excited to redefine the world of Desi jewellery, one stunning piece at a time.

Simran Anand’s innovative approach to minimalist Desi-inspired jewellery brings a touch of elegance and cultural richness to our everyday lives.

The pieces effortlessly infuse a hint of Desi charm into our fashion choices.

Simran’s vision extends beyond just jewellery; it symbolises a significant step toward equal representation of South Asian culture in today’s fashion landscape.

By embracing and celebrating our diverse identities, we dismantle the notion that beauty is conditional and recognise that true beauty knows no bounds.

To discover more, you can get in touch and visit the BySimran website here.

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