8 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India

For the elite few, only jewellery that exudes class will do. DESIblitz presents the best Indian luxury jewellery brands you should check out.

10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - f

There is no dearth of top jewellery brands.

A few decades ago, Indian women preferred to buy jewellery from their trusted local jeweller, be it a personal milestone, an impulse buy or a wedding.

However, recent changes in consumer habits have indicated a gradual shift to shopping for jewellery at national jewellery houses with a thriving presence across tier I, II & III cities.

India is the second-highest consumer of gold in the world and one of the leading exporters of gems and jewellery in the world.

The precious metal, gemstone and birthstone jewellery market is huge in India and to supply the demand, there is no dearth of top jewellery brands.

While the jewellery stores flourish, there are several national heavyweights in the Indian jewellery space that are renowned for their exquisite, jewellery, setting international standards in gemstone and precious metal aesthetics.

Be it daily wear, traditional, antique, bridal or fine jewellery, Indian jewellery houses are always giving their foreign counterparts a run for their money.

DESIblitz has put together a list of India’s top 8 jewellery brands, that are respected for the quality and designs of their products as well as the impeccable service they offer to their patrons.

This list will help you pick the best luxury jewellery brand for you!


10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - 1When you ask an Indian lady where she gets her high-end jewellery from, there is a 70% chance that she would say Tanishq.

Their popularity and trust among Indian women are high when it comes to gold and diamonds.

Tanishq’s online jewellery store flaunts fine jewellery including chains, necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, pendants in gold, platinum, rubies, and diamonds.

The luxury jewellery brand also makes custom jewellery at very reasonable prices.

Moreover, they have specialised collections like Rivaah which includes jewellery for brides, Aveer presenting jewellery for men and Mia for the working women of the new generation.

They even recreated traditional Rajasthani jewellery in collaboration with the affluent blockbuster Padmaavat.

The Tanishq group makes ten promises to their customers guaranteeing quality, exchange value, novelty, safety, and transparency.

They are driven by the policy of purity and quality.

Consider getting a custom jewellery set or buy from their collection if the quality is as important as style to you.

Surana Jewellers

10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - 2Based in Jaipur, Bhuramal Rajmal Surana has existed since the 17th century and is known for its vintage high-end jewellery design ever since.

The fascinating craftsmanship of the Surana designers leaves every woman who adorns their jewellery feel like a queen.

Their jewellery designs are inspired by the pre-British Mughal era famous for their Kundan Meena jewellery which is crafted through the time-consuming process of Meenakari.

Kundan Meenakari jewellery is known to be intricate, affluent and hypnotic and is considered to be one of the oldest forms of jewellery.

They have a range of vintage Victorian, Jadau and diamond jewellery like earrings, bangles, and necklaces.

You can also get custom jewellery made if you fancy something different.

A set of fine Kundan Meenakari jewellery complements the Indian bride and can be the statement jewellery for any western attire.

Goenka India

10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - 3Goenka India started as a house of diamonteers, based out of Mumbai, who travelled the world scouting, cutting, sourcing and selling the most magnificent diamonds and gemstones ever found.

Over the years, the jewellery brand realised they understood the nature and potential of their gemstones best and set them into the most transcendental jewellery pieces.

As a diamantaire and jollier, the brand worked closely with royal families and private clients who gave them invaluable insights.

The philosophy of Goenka India is to create a collection of rare jewels as well as bespoke pieces for a discerning audience.

Goenka India is not just in the business of jewellery. They envision jewellery and then manifest it in its highest and grandest form.

Their sketches are a sufficient indication of the beauty of their design sensibility.

The brand relies on its experience to create phenomenal jewels from the first stroke of the pen to the final polish of enamel.

This philosophy of being exceptionally creative is closely guided and guarded by Goenka India’s CEO & Chief Designer, Nitin Goenka, a globally renowned diamonteer and designer.

Amrapali Jewels

10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - 4Another brand from Jaipur, Tribe Amrapali is already an acknowledged name in the jewellers’ industry.

Their fine jewellery has embellished Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Priyanka Chopra, Shilpa Shetty, Alia Bhatt and many more.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was seen wearing a pair of Amrapali diamond earrings when she came to India for a Charity Bollywood Gala.

They even partnered with big-ticket films like Manikarnika and Baahubali and flaunted a rich collection of antique gold jewellery.

They have gorgeous collections of luxurious jewellery like Nav Chandrika which reflects their signature tribal jewellery, Apsara for wedding jewellery, Navrang showcasing colourful festive jewellery and Atulya for intricate festive jewellery.

They also craft fine custom jewellery sets on order.

Amrapali also has a jewellery museum in Jaipur that displays body jewellery from every region of India, silver objects and inspirations for craftsmen over time.

Their fine jewellery aims at reflecting the heritage of India through rare craftsmanship with a modern interpretation of ancient masterpieces.

Kalyan Jewellers

10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - 5A behemoth jewellery brand with 122 stores across India and the Middle East, Kalyan Jewellers has been in the business since pre-independence.

They have introduced the Muhurat range for bridal collection in pure gold, diamond and handcrafted jewellery, Anokhi for uncut diamonds and Candere for precious diamonds.

Their dancing diamond collection called Glo is a special innovation where suspended diamonds within the jewellery pieces ‘dance’ hypnotically.

While some of their expensive and grandiose jewellery start from six digits and above, they also have affordable and contemporary daily wear collections for a low-key look.

Kalyan Jewellers is the most trusted and visited jewellery brand in India for bridal jewellery, with loyalists who swear by their jewellery products.

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the brand’s ambassadors and his ads for the brand are eagerly awaited by fans.

Other ambassadors include Katrina Kaif, Prabhu Ganesan, Manju Warrier and Pooja Sawant.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - 6One of India’s topmost trusted jewellery brands with staggering turnovers, Malabar Gold & Diamonds was founded in 1993 in Kerala and has over 210 showrooms across 9 countries.

They have the most comprehensive bridal jewellery collection mainly for South Indian brides, but also brides from across all regions of India.

From stylish diamond and platinum jewellery for occasions, daily wear, and office wear to heavily embellished gold, diamond and gemstone jewellery, Malabar Gold’s range of offerings is diverse and wide.

Notable collections are Era for uncut diamonds and Fior for floral-themed jewellery.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Anil Kapoor, Tamannaah Bhatia, Manushi Chhillar and Hema Malini are the faces of the luxury jewellery brand.

ORRA Jewellery

10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - 7One of India’s most trusted diamond jewellery brands, Orra needs no introduction.

The luxury jewellery brand is a go-to name for Solitaires, couple bands, stunning gemstone bracelets, Orra Crown Star collection, made with 73 facet solitaires, and the most amazing engagement rings for couples.

They have 58 stores across 27 cities and its elegant, minimal ambience appeals to the sophisticated, modern woman of today.

Minimalistic and unobtrusive, each boutique is modelled on the lines of international store formats, while retaining the warmth of Indian hospitality.

The blend of the structural uniqueness of the diamond and the strong Belgian legacy has given rise to the creation of a mysterious, elegant and stylish environment.

A customer can relax and feel at ease, browse, try on and select from their extensive range of designs.

Orra offers custom jewellery options for every woman to indulge in the art of self-expression through jewellery.

Orra’s designs are highly innovative in terms of framework and geometry and the brand is famous for bringing international jewellery trends to India with a twist of their own.

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri

10 Best Luxury Jewellery Brands In India - 8Another stalwart in the jewellery arena and the oldest on our list, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri was founded in 1864, and since then it has garnered multiple accolades and tremendous consumer respect and patronage.

They have 31 showrooms in 23 cities, including all metropolitans and several tier II & III cities.

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri is famous for its resplendent Kundan jewellery, magnificent bridal collections, artistic festival jewellery, contemporary Italian jewellery collection called Ria, and royal jewellery collection called Azva.

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri is at the forefront of quality and innovation.

Shopping for jewellery at the top Indian luxury jewellery stores will be a highly rewarding and enlightening experience for all jewellery lovers.

These are India’s top luxury jewellery brands that are a true reflection of India’s jewel supremacy, heritage craftsmanship, iconic design styles and tasteful creations of timeless beauty.

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