10 Best Luxury Indian Chocolate Brands

When it comes to chocolate, India is home to some opulent brands. Here are 10 of the best luxury Indian chocolate brands.

Soklet handles the entire chocolate-making process.

Luxury chocolate is typically made in Belgium and Switzerland but there are some decadent Indian chocolate brands on offer.

Produced all over the country, there are many varieties available.

From creamy milk and dark chocolate to more unique ingredients like chilli and sangria.

Not only are the brands wowing with their chocolate, but some are also focused on sustainability such as sourcing local ingredients.

Indulge in decadent delights and luxurious treats from some of the best chocolatiers in India.

We explore 10 of the best luxury Indian chocolate brands.


10 Best Luxury Indian Chocolate Brands - soklet

Soklet is India’s first and only tree-to-bar chocolate manufacturer.

The cocoa beans used come from Regal plantations, the company’s own property on the foothills of the Anaimalai Hills, located in the southern Western Ghats of central Kerala.

Unlike a lot of chocolate brands, Soklet handles the entire chocolate-making process.

This spans from growing cocoa trees to tempering the chocolate.

Soklet offers some unique varieties of chocolate, including Spiced, Hibiscus and Desi Rabdi bars.

Mason & Co

10 Best Luxury Indian Chocolate Brands - mason

This is a vegan chocolate brand founded by Jane Mason and Fabien Bontems.

Formerly a lawyer and a sound engineer, respectively, they loved the art of making chocolate as much as they loved eating it.

As a result, they began learning more about it. Soon after, Mason & Co was created.

The factory is located in a quiet part of Auroville near Puducherry.

All the cocoa beans are grown organically and sourced from Indian farmers while all products are free of preservatives and emulsifiers.

Some of Mason & Co’s popular flavours are Chilli and Cinnamon Dark Chocolate, Black Sesame and Raisin Dark Chocolate and Rosemary and Seasalt Dark Chocolate.


10 Best Luxury Indian Chocolate Brands - amul

Although Amul is known for its dairy products, it is also a renowned Indian chocolate brand.

The Gujarat-based company entered the chocolate business in 1973 to supply the confectionary for its own ice cream flavours.

Today, Amul has expanded its chocolate empire with a variety of bars made with high cocoa content under its ‘Single-Origin Dark Chocolates’ range.

Amul currently sources cocoa from seven countries – Tanzania, Venezuela, Peru, Madagascar, Ivory Coast Ecuador and Columbia.

It offers a range of dark chocolates inspired by these countries.


10 Best Luxury Indian Chocolate Brands - viv

Vivanda was started by entrepreneur Arun Narang and Ashish Bawa, who later became the brand’s business head in 2013.

According to Arun, all their chocolates are made from scratch in small batches with minimal sugar and no artificial preservatives or colouring.

Specialising in gifting, Vivanda does not retail its products.

Instead, the brand creates chocolate boxes and hampers for clients.

They are suitable for special occasions, including birth announcements, weddings and events.

Clients are served directly from Vivanda’s gifting boutique in Mumbai’s Santacruz neighbourhood.

La Folie

10 Best Luxury Indian Chocolate Brands - folie

Since being founded by Indian chef Sanjana Patel in 2014 in Mumbai, La Folie has thrived in the art of modern European pastry and chocolate-making.

La Folie’s bean-to-bar process is tailor-made to coax flavours from the finest, single-origin cocoa ethically sourced from around the world.

The cocoa beans are sourced from the likes of Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

The organic beans are handcrafted into small-batch chocolate at La Folie’s micro-factory in Mumbai.

Paired with natural ingredients sourced locally, each exceptionally delicious creation pays homage to the cocoa bean’s origin and its unique character.

Some of La Folie’s most popular flavours include Sea Salt Caramel, Smoked Pink Himalayan Salt and The Berry Good Bar.


Pascati was launched in 2015 and this Indian chocolate brand is the country’s first fairtrade-compliant brand.

It is also certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Cocoa beans are sourced from Kerala’s Idukki and Malabar regions.

The cocoa beans are roasted, cracked, winnowed and tempered in a carefully-controlled environment, creating a wide range of bars, truffles and bonbons.

Some of the flavours include Rose Almond Dark, Mint Dark and Saffron Pistachio Dark.

Fantasie Chocolate

With a 75-year-old legacy as one of India’s original chocolate brands, Fantasie enjoys a reputation for being an artisan chocolate maker.

Fantasie handmakes personalised products to suit everyone’s needs.

This ranges from important occasions, special gifts or simply fulfilling your chocolate desires.

The Mumbai-based company offers a range of chocolate, be it creamy milk, dark chocolate, white chocolate, exotic nuts, centred pralines or truffles.

Fantasie also has a variety of treats to create a unique flavour profile.

A host of fresh arrivals filled with distinct flavours reprise the old into new while retaining the classics.

All Things

All Things offers a perfect pairing of Belgian chocolate and local, seasonal ingredients.

The Jaipur-based company started as an online store in 2015 before expanding.

One thing All Things is known for is its stunning packaging and unique flavour combinations.

Some standout chocolate bars include white chocolate with sparkling wine and strawberries, and dark chocolate with sangria.

Some of their bestselling chocolate bars are All Things Jaipur, All Things Water and All Things Breakfast.


Kocoatrait is the world’s first sustainable, zero-waste, single-origin, organic and planet-friendly bean-to-bar chocolate brand.

Based in Chennai, the brand sources ingredients across the world and delivers all over India with a focus on zero-waste.

Kocoatrait co-founder L Nitin Chordia says:

“They say the stars usually align when one decides to curate their efforts towards building an offering that would help save the planet.”

One unique aspect is the courses it offers.

For example, Chocolate Taster Certification India Level 1 allows you to experience the sensory elements used in chocolate tasting through a series of tasting games and experiments and you will practice using a formal approach to chocolate tasting.

Kocoatrait is more than an Indian chocolate brand, it focuses on turning buyers into chocolate connoisseurs.


Naviluna is believed to be one of the first chocolate makers in the world to use organically certified Indian cocoa beans exclusively and the first bean-to-bar chocolate house in India.

Naviluna makes all its products in small batches.

This allows the company far greater control over quality, sustainability and the ability to develop complex flavours in its chocolate.

The cocoa beans are unroasted and cold-processed to preserve full nutritional richness.

Instead of offering products, Naviluna has collections.

The collections mean that the flavours are made with seasonal ingredients. It also means that the flavours frequently change.

From exotic flavourings to intense cocoa, these luxury Indian chocolate brands entice those with a sweet tooth.

So if you’re looking for a lavish sweet treat, let your taste buds indulge in these luxury chocolates.

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