10 Best Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars to Eat

Looking for delicious chocolate that is also guilt-free, here are 10 of the best sugar-free chocolate bars to eat.

10 Best Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars to Eat ft

this chocolate is also free of soya, dairy and gluten.

Chocolate is a delicious sweet treat but can be high in sugar. That is where sugar-free chocolate comes in.

Sugar-free chocolate is becoming increasingly common as more people look to eat healthier. This allows many to enjoy chocolate without increasing their sugar intake.

Eating chocolate that is free of sugar is beneficial, especially for diabetics as they keep blood sugar stable.

No sugar also means that this particular type of chocolate can help with weight loss.

But because they are sugar-free, some people may be put off because they feel that it will negatively affect the taste.

Fortunately, many sugar-free chocolates incorporate natural sweeteners like Stevia instead, which has no calories.

We explore 10 of the best sugar-free chocolate bars to try out.

Montezuma’s Absolute Black

10 Best Sugar-free Chocolate Bars to Eat - montezuma

Montezuma’s Absolute Black range is as dark as it gets when it comes to dark chocolate, coming at 100% cocoa.

This sugar-free chocolate has a cocoa blend that ensures flavour consistency.

It also avoids the bitter taste which is common in many dark chocolate bars.

According to the company, 100% cocoa chocolate is only possible with quality cocoa. Because it is sugar-free, getting the right flavour is important.

In addition to being sugar-free, this chocolate is also free of soya, dairy and gluten.

Absolute Black comes in a variety of flavours such as orange and mint, and cost £2.59 for the standard-sized bar.

As it is 100% cocoa, it is best eaten when it is used as part of a recipe.

It is great for Keto chocolate recipes that promote the use of alternative sugars.

Chocolat Madagascar Single Origin

10 Best Sugar-free Chocolate Bars to Eat - chocolat

This sugar-free dark chocolate by Chocolat is 100% cocoa so it is better to enjoy it when adding it to other ingredients.

It is a single origin fine dark Madagascan chocolate with subtle hints of raisin and citrus.

This chocolate uses locally grown beans from Sambirano in the northwest of Madagascar.

It is free of sugar, vanilla and additives, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

A multi-award-winning chocolate, it has won several world awards including Golden Bean winner Academy of Chocolate 2017, Gold Growing Country International Chocolate Awards 2018 and Great Taste Award 2018.

Costing £5.99 for an 85-gram bar, it is a fan among chocolate lovers.

One reviewer on Amazon said: “As a fan of 100% and having tried many brands this one is the best, as you let it dissolve on your tongue you can taste the nut and fruit of the chocolate.

“It is so delicious nothing comes close to this taste of this chocolate.

“Forget anything else they will all taste bitter in comparison to this delicious and healthy chocolate.”


10 Best Sugar-free Chocolate Bars to Eat - soopergood

Soopergood prides itself on creating guilt-free chocolate and it is a healthy alternative to other chocolates.

It is 65% cocoa and it has 2.5 grams of net carbs and no added sugar, using the natural sweetener Stevia instead.

As a result, this low-carb dark chocolate is great for those following Keto and Paleo diets.

It is also vegan-friendly as it uses no dairy, animal collagen or honey.

Different dark chocolate flavours include Almonds and Sea Salt, Hazelnut Milk, and Roasted, costing £2.29 for a 40-gram bar.

This is perfect for an afternoon snack but you can buy a multipack for the whole family to enjoy.

Ohso 70% Dark Chocolate

10 Best Sugar-free Chocolate Bars to Eat - ohso

Ohso has sugar-free dark chocolate that is unique to others as it delivers live bacteria to your gut three times more effectively than dairy products.

This means it is a valid alternative to yoghurt when it comes to increasing gut bacteria.

It is also dairy-free and gluten-free, making it suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

Ohso has no added sugars and its natural sweeteners stand at two per cent, meaning that most of the flavour comes from the 70% cocoa.

Packs of seven chocolate bars cost £4.99 and the 70% cocoa comes in two varieties – Dark and Raspberry. It contains 64 calories per bar, making for a guilt-free chocolate if you’re looking to lower your calorie intake.

One Trustpilot user said: “I have been buying Ohso chocolate for over 4 years now and love their chocolate.

“I generally buy the sugar-free and you cannot tell the difference.

“I like the dark better than the milk but that is just personal taste and the quality of the chocolate. Also, love the little bars, they really are enough to satisfy your chocolate craving without a load of calories.”

Guylian Intense Dark

10 Best Sugar-free Chocolate Bars to Eat - guylian

Guylian is known for its Sea Shell-shaped chocolate selection box but it also has a sugar-free dark chocolate bar.

Known as Intense Dark, this chocolate bar is 84% cocoa, resulting in a sublime flavour and superb texture.

It comes in a 100g pack, featuring four 25g bars that are perfect for self-indulgence and portion control.

The bars are sugar-free but contain Stevia, a natural sweetener that contains almost zero calories.

Stevia has been known to help lower cholesterol and may help control blood sugar levels.

Guylian Intense Dark are high in carbohydrates, protein and fibre, making this sugar-free dark chocolate a welcome inclusion when eating a balanced diet.

Nick’s Chocolate Bars

10 Best Sugar-free Chocolate Bars to Eat - nick

While most sugar-free chocolate is of the dark variety, Nick’s offers unique sugar-free milk chocolate.

It contains no refined sugar. Instead, it contains natural sweeteners to give this chocolate bar much-needed sweetness but in a healthier way.

Nick’s is also 100% gluten-free, making it suitable for those who have coeliac disease.

Nick’s prides itself on creating chocolate that is sugar-free, with the tagline ‘Join our Fight on Sugar’.

A Mix Box contains four varieties of chocolate – Dark, Milk, Soft Toffee and Chocolate Wafer.

Each pack contains three of each and the 25g bars make for a snack that is free of any unhealthy refined sugar.

Scoundrel Luxury Chocolate

10 Best Bars to Eat - scoundrel

Scoundrel Luxury Chocolate makes chocolate with the intention of allowing people to enjoy luxury treats without the guilt.

This brand makes sugar-free chocolate that is low in carbohydrates, containing just two grams of net carbs per bar.

Although Scoundrel uses a tiny amount of raw unrefined natural sugars, it is classed as sugar-free because it has less than 0.1g per 55g bar.

Erythritol is used to sweeten the chocolate.

These chocolate bars use cocoa sourced from small, ethical and sustainable farms and co-operatives around the world.

Different varieties of chocolate include Classic Milk, Toasted Almond White and Dark 70%.

It is a great Keto-friendly chocolate as one person said:

“I really love Scoundrel chocolate. The best Keto chocolate I have found.”

Torras Sugar-Free Chocolate

10 Best Bars to Eat - torras

Torras Sugar-Free Chocolate has one of the most extensive varieties of sugar-free chocolates available.

This Spanish chocolate brand has flavours like White chocolate with Kiwi, Milk chocolate with Almonds, and Dark Chocolate with Coffee among many others.

But all of them contain no added sugar, using Maltitol instead.

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol that is sweet but with far fewer calories. As a result, Maltitol can help with weight loss.

While this chocolate is suitable for diabetics, it is important to note that Maltitol is a carbohydrate.

This means that it still has a glycemic index. While not as high as sugar, it still has an effect on blood glucose.

But all Torras chocolate bars are gluten-free and each 75g bar is just £1.06, making it very reasonable for those looking for a bar of delicious sugar-free chocolate.


10 Best Bars to Eat - diablo

Diablo prides itself on creating guilt-free confectionery.

According to the company, it is the UK’s first-ever sugar-free confectionery range, having been created in 2011.

It makes both Dark and White chocolate. Flavours include Orange and Strawberry as well as Hazelnuts and Almonds.

Diablo chocolate bars contain no refined sugar.

The majority of its products contain Maltitol which is a healthier alternative to sugar. Other products contain Stevia which is healthier than Maltitol.

All products are high in nutrients but they don’t compromise in taste, ranging from £1.79 to £5.99.

Frankonia White Chocolate

10 Best Bars to Eat - weisse

Frankonia White Chocolate is a sugar-free option if you’re looking for healthier white chocolate.

It uses Maltitol for sweetening instead of refined sugar, which is approximately 40% lower in calories.

But the sweet profile of Maltitol gives this chocolate the recognisable sweetness chocolate is known for.

Although Maltitol is something to be wary of, it is suitable for diabetics. It is also gluten-free.

It may contain traces of egg, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews and sesame. So, if you have an allergy, it is recommended to avoid it.

For an 80g bar, it costs £1.79.

These 10 sugar-free chocolate bars provide the delicious sweetness that chocolate is known for thanks to natural sweeteners.

But the lack of sugar makes them healthier than regular chocolate.

Coming in white, milk and dark varieties, this ensures that there is a favourite for everyone.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious bar of chocolate but want to minimise sugar intake, try out these ones.

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