10 Best Desi Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body

Finding the best Desi soap and shampoo bars will leave your hair and skin feeling clean, nourished and healthy. We take a look at the options available.

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - f

"Our mission is to minimise the toxicity"

Desi soap and shampoo bars contain all the qualities that your hair and skin need. They are an integral part of self-care and hygiene for both men and women alike.

However, since the emergence of different liquid soaps, body washes and liquid shampoos, soap and shampoo bars are comparatively being used less.

Desi shampoo bars have fewer oils compared to soap bars. This is because they are designed not to weigh down the hair.

Whilst Desi soap bars are created with more oils to moisturise the skin.

Desi soap and shampoo bars are a great natural way of cleansing your skin and hair without additional chemicals.

There are specific brands of Desi soap bars which are designed to remove dirt, sebum, and oils from the skin.

Also, there are various Desi shampoo bars designed to hydrate, replenish and strengthen your hair.

In addition, the use of less plastic packaging required for Desi soap and shampoo bars is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

DESIblitz presents the top ten Desi soap and shampoo bars to indulge in.

Marjaan’s Asian Black Shampoo Bar

Marjaan's Asian Black Shampoo Bar - desi soaps


This brand produces 100% natural hair and skin care products.

The official Marjaan Facebook page states their aim:

“Our mission is to minimise the toxicity around us and provide natural, toxic-free hair and skincare products.”

This powerhouse Desi shampoo bar is packed with nutritious ingredients. From Castor oil, Amla, Retha, Senna Leaves, Fenugreek Seed, Almond Oil and so on.

The combination of this formula helps to rejuvenate brittle hair and hair thinning. Whilst stimulating hair growth and counteracting further hair loss.

Also, to achieve the best results for your hair pair with the shea butter conditioner.

This ultimate dynamic duo will certainly leave your hair looking and feeling healthy.

Soulflower’s Neem Henna Shampoo Bar

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - Soulflower

This natural, vegan and handmade cold-processed Desi shampoo bar is amazing for dandruff free hair.

It is infused with numerous oils: lavender, tea tree, peppermint, rosemary and eucalyptus.

In addition, it contains various natural herbs: henna, spiked ginger lily, aloe vera, retha, skikakai, amla and so on.

These vital ingredients help nourish the scalp and cleanse it from dirt and oil particles.

Also, if your hair is dull then this Desi shampoo bar is perfect for locking in the shine.

Furthermore, these handmade cold-processed shampoo bars are made at room temperature.

This is beneficial because this process eliminates the inclusion of added chemicals.

Above all, this creation ensures a happy scalp.

Alanna’s Naturally Beautiful Hair Fall Shampoo Bar

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - Alanna

If your hair lacks natural nutrients then this Desi shampoo bar is right for you.

The bar is made from a blend of amla, retha, hibiscus, rice bran oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

These nourishing ingredients help in treating split ends, hair loss and strengthening the hair.

A plus point of this Desi shampoo bar is that it gives a natural bounce and volume to your hair.

Also, this is another cold-processed shampoo bar hence you do not have to worry about hidden chemicals.

Soapworks’ 100% Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - Soapworks

Sulphates, parabens and phthalates are damaging to hair. Hence, this Desi shampoo bar is free from these toxins.

You can find many sulphate-free shampoo bars; however, they are quite expensive to purchase.

This Desi bar is a fraction of the price, yet it is just as effective.

Also, it is great for conditioning the hair due to the presence of coconut oil.

Furthermore, the popular trend of dying your hair can lead to dry, brittle and damaged hair.

Yet this Desi shampoo bar helps condition damaged hair and restores shine.         

Therefore, if you are a lover of coloured hair then this Desi shampoo bar is a must-have.

Saeed Ghani’s Sandal Soap

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - Saeed Ghani

A key ingredient found in this soap is sandalwood, which is widely known for its benefits to the skin.

It helps exfoliate the skin, reduce acne, blackheads, wrinkles, fine lines as well as body odour.

The Saeed Ghani Sandal Soap is ideal for dry skin. This is because of the nourishing properties of sandalwood.

Work the soap into a lather on your face and neck then rinse off to reveal soft, supple and rejuvenated skin.

In fact, this Desi soap bar includes cooling properties, hence, it will not leave your skin feeling irritated.

Himalaya Herbals’ Honey & Cream Soap

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - Himalaya

If you have normal to dry skin, then this Honey & Cream Soap will be your holy grail product.

This Desi soap contains all the goodness of honey and milk cream.

Honey contains water-retaining and nourishing properties to repair damaged skin.

Likewise, milk cream is hydrating due to its natural lipids which penetrate beneath the skin’s surface.

It helps restore your skin’s glow and keeps it toned.

Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap Bar

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - chandrika

Herbal Desi soap bars are an amazing addition to your skincare routine. Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap Bar is no exception.

It contains an array of oils designed to tackle different concerns:

  • Orange oil: Helps reduce breakouts, blackheads and blemishes
  • Coconut oil: Nourishes the skin
  • Lime seed oil: Deeply cleanses the skin

Besides, the inclusion of ginger extract helps to firm the skin without leaving you feeling irritated.

Due to this soap’s, deep cleaning qualities it is great for people with oily skin.

Also, if you live in a hot country such as Pakistan or India or simply going on holiday, then you should try this soap.

The hot weather will make you more oily and sweaty, therefore this Desi soap bar will help combat these unwanted oils.

Santoor’s Sandal and Tumeric Soap

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - Santoor

Lathering this heavenly Desi soap bar all over the skin will leave you feeling hydrated.

Sandalwood and turmeric are great products extensively used in Desi beauty routines.

The sandalwood used in this Desi soap is a solution for blackheads, acne-prone skin and skin irritation.

Also, turmeric contains antiseptic qualities for relieving skin allergies as well as detoxifying the skin.

This soap also prevents the skin from feeling tight and irritated and ensures a healthy complexion.

Another factor worth mentioning is the inexpensive price tag of this Desi soap bar. Therefore, you can enjoy the luxurious bath time feeling at the fraction of the price.

Medimix’s Soap Bar

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - medimix

This Desi soap bar is a one-stop solution for:

  • Breakouts
  • Body odour
  • Skin infections
  • Heat irritation

If you are suffering from any of these concerns, then this soap bar is your perfect solution.

Packed with herbal goodness it is gentle on the skin and works effectively on various skin types.

Medimix Soap helps replenish the skin’s natural nutrients and does not strip the skin of beneficial oils.

Also, Spectra Clinical Reach Centre (Apollo Hospital) carried out a study on human volunteers to ensure it is dermatologically safe. Hence, the chances of side effects are limited.

Therefore, if you are on the search for an amazing Desi soap bar which will deliver results, then this is worth the purchase.

Bombay Shaving Company’s Exfoliating Soap

10 Best Soap and Shampoo Bars for Hair and Body - Bombay

The Bombay Shaving Company offers an extensive range of Desi exfoliating soaps.

Each of these amazing exfoliating soaps are designed to the needs of different skin types: oily, normal, dry and combination.

The Oil Control Bath Soap contains oatmeal and tea tree oil. It restores skin’s natural pH balance. This Desi soap is ideal for acne-prone and oily skin.

The Deep Cleansing Bath Soap is another addition in their range. It combats dirt in your pores.

The incorporation of charcoal and coffee granules exfoliates the skin, resulting in smooth and firm skin. Also, it is suitable for all skin types.

If you are a sufferer of dry skin, then the Moisturising Bath Soap is perfect. Coconut husk helps to remove blackheads, whilst shea butter moisturises dry skin.

This Desi soap is a perfect pick-me-up to include in your showering routine.

Furthermore, the Refreshing Bath Soap is another soap ideal for all skin types. The poppy seeds rid your skin of dead skin cells and the menthol soothes itchiness and irritation of the skin.

Overall, these Desi soap bars help to reveal cleaner and fresher skin.

Our Advice

Both hair and skin require vital care in order to maintain health, shine and moisture.

If you are suffering from any skin or hair issues, then these 10 Desi soap and shampoo bars can rejuvenate your skin and nourish your hair.

Try these Desi soap or shampoo bars and see for yourself the positive effects it has on your body and hair.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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