Netizens laugh at Cringey Scene from Indian TV Soap

A scene from an Indian TV soap was shared on Facebook, however, social media users were left in fits of laughter over the cringy scene.

Netizens laugh at Cringy Scene from Indian TV Soap f

"Not even close to real life."

Social media users have been left in fits of laughter after a cringe-worthy scene from an Indian TV soap went viral.

The show is titled Thapki Pyar Ki 2 and it stars Jigyasa Singh and Aakash Ahuja.

It tells the story of Vaani ‘Thapki’ Tripathi (Jigyasa), a lively girl with a melodious voice, but her stammer is an obstacle in her path to fulfilling her dreams.

Meanwhile, Purab Singhania (Aakash) believes in timeliness and is wealthy but strict.

In Thapki Pyar Ki 2, the pair have recently got married, despite not being in love with each other.

Purab’s mother, Veena, gets them married.

While Purab is not ready to accept Thapki as his wife, the interesting twist comes when the mandap catches the fire and Thapki faints and Purab saves her.

Unknowingly, the two perform their post-wedding ritual.

Now, a scene following their marriage has gone viral, with netizens calling it cringy and bizarre.

In the scene, Thapki is seen standing next to a dresser while her husband walks towards her.

He then slips on the wet floor. Meanwhile, the dramatic music intensifies.

What follows next has social media users laughing.

Purab falls into the dresser but manages to prevent himself from getting injured. But as he falls, his finger goes into sindoor (vermilion).

He then grabs his wife and the pair intensely stare into each other’s eyes.

Purab then happens to apply the sindoor to his wife’s forehead.

The music continues as the two characters continue to look at one another.

Afterwards, Purab walks away.

The video went viral on Facebook and has amassed over one million views.

Social media users reacted to the bizarre scene.

One person said: “Indian serials actually make days, if someone is feeling upset they can cheer up with such unimaginable scenes, I am loving this.”

Another wrote: “Really… slipping. Then finger falling on sindoor then on forehead. Then the love hug. Not even close to real life.”

A third commented:

“Hats off to these actors for holding their laugh while doing this comedy.”

One joked: “I was really missing some comedy in my life. Have to watch this s***.”

A comment read: “In real life he would have broken his nose… and bleeding from his head after hitting the table.”

While some Indian TV soaps do contain memorable characters, many talk about the dramatic effects and strange storylines.

In March 2021, one Twitter user transformed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s revealing interview into an Indian TV soap, leaving viewers laughing.

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